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soundmaster PL780SW Turntable & Q Acoustics M20 HD Speakers

soundmaster PL780SW Turntable & Q Acoustics M20 HD Speakers

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This complete turntable bundle is perfect for anyone looking for a record player set up which they can also connect a wide range of other audio sources to! 

As the Q Acoustics M20 HD Speakers are powered speakers with a built in amplifier there is no need for an amplifier in the set up. That means you can connect the turntable directly to the rear of the active speaker with the supplied high quality RCA-RCA cable. 

The soundmaster PL780 also features a bluetooth transmitter you can wirelessly transmit the audio from the record player directly to the M20 HD speakers without any cables at all running from the turntable to the speakers. This is perfect if you want to have your turntable on one side of your room and your speakers on another (as long as they are within Bluetooth range)

The Q Acoustic M20 HD speakers included in this bundle are the perfect home audio solution which allows you to connect all of these audio inputs 

Bluetooth® 5.0 (with aptX™, aptX™ HD, aptX™ ), USB , Digital optical , Stereo RCA (line level), 3.5mm Aux In. So even when not enjoying all of your favourite vinyls on the PL780 record player the M20 HD speakers are perfect for all of your other audio needs with an astonishing 130W rms output!

See below further information and specs on both the soundmaster PL780 Turntable record player and the Q Acoustic M20 HD Speakers.

soundmaster PL780 Turntable Record Player

The soundmaster PL780SW is a superb system perfect for your vinyl collection, designed and built for a true high quality audio experience.

With the ability of connecting to external speakers via the pre-amplified Line Out (RCA), or via the Bluetooth transmission for a more modern approach. You can enjoy your audio just the way you want with this stunning piece of equipment.

Q Acoustic M20 HD Speakers

Designed to deliver stunning wireless high-resolution stereo sound, the flexible M20 HD audio system is the most powerful and immersive and way to enjoy music, movies and gaming sound anywhere in the home.


Whether listening to music, watching TV or movies or gaming, the M20’s advanced driver technology is designed to produce low-distortion, accurate but highly immersive stereo sound. Powered by a built-in amplifier providing 65 watts of digital power, the 22mm tweeter is decoupled to minimise any internal vibrations that can adversely affect the audio, while the 125mm mid/bass driver and rear-firing reflex port in each speaker combine to deliver a sound of outstanding balance and drive. From deep but nuanced low-frequencies to its crisp, attacking highs, and with a midrange that’s simply packed with information, the M20 is always a dynamic but poised and engaging listen.


Hear your favourite music as close to the artist always intended: in full stereo, high-resolution fidelity. Featuring Bluetooth® 5.0 for an ultra-stable connection and aptX™ HD wireless technology, users can wirelessly stream high resolution audio (up to 24-bit/48kHz) from any compatible device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop and network streamer, while listen to their favourite tunes streamed from popular music services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Qobuz.

The flexible M20 is just about the latest wireless technology. It features enough inputs to let your TV, games console, set-top box, turntable or anything else you fancy join in the high-resolution stereo experience. There’s also subwoofer output in case you need to really shake the room. No matter what you want to listen to, M20 can handle it.


Featuring award-winning cabinet technology, every element of the M20’s design is specified to deliver an optimal audio performance. The beautifully sculpted cabinets use Q Acoustics’ proprietary P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing to support the parts of the enclosure that need to be stiffened. The result is an exceptionally rigid cabinet that eliminates internal standing waves to improve the focus of the stereo image and give the soundstage more accuracy than ever before. The grille’s curved contours are also designed to disperse any tweeter activity, keeping unwanted reflections to a minimum.


It’s easy to set-up the M20 so the system is always performing to its maximum, no matter where it is in the room. As well as being able to designate the powered speaker as either the left or right channel (to make accessing mains power as simple as possible), there’s also an EQ switch to let the system know if each speaker is positioned in a corner, against a wall or in free space so its digital sound processing can work its magic and optimise the audio performance. And with stands and wall-brackets also available, M20 will always bring your music, movies and games to life wherever it is placed.



Soundmaster PL780 Turntable:

Two speed vinyl record Turntable - The two speed selector allows playback of your favourite 33 & 45 rpm records.

Bluetooth Transmitter - Stream your records wirelessly from the turntable to headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Encoding - The rear USB 2.0 B allows you to connect directly to your pc and digitally record your vinyl records.

Switchable PHONO / LINEOUT - with built in Phono Pre-Amplifier

LINEOUT: Signals that have been amplified by the built-in equaliser amp are outputted from the analogue RCA audio output jacks.

PHONO: Use this when connecting to equipment that has PHONO inputs.

Audio Technica Magnetic Pickup System

Aluminium Platter - with Speed Adjustment with Stroboscope

Adjustable Antiskating and Adjustable Tonearm Weight

Q Acoustic M20 HD Speakers:

Powerful and immersive stereo sound for music, movies and gaming, anywhere in the home.

Features aptX™ HD Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless streaming of high resolution-quality audio (up to 24-bit/48kHz) and native 24bit/192kHz compatibility via a USB connection to a computer.

Features array of inputs to connect games console, TV, turntable, set-top box, CD player and portable music players.

Award-winning internal P2P™ (Point to Point) eliminates cabinet distortion and guarantees precise stereo imaging.

Uses a 22mm decoupled High Frequency Driver creating a wide even dispersion of stereo sound.

What's in the Q Acoustic M20 box?

1 x Powered M20 Speaker
1 x Passive M20 Speaker
1 x Remote handset (including batteries)
1 x Speaker Cable (4 metres)
1 x UK Power Cord (1.8m)
1 x EU Power Cord (1.8m)
2 x Foam Bungs
1 x User Manual

Q Acoustic M20 Specifications:

Frequency response: 55Hz - 22kHz
Crossover frequency: 2.4kHz
Inputs: Bluetooth® 5.0 (with aptX™, aptX™ HD, aptX™ Low Latency, SBC and AAC compatibility), USB (24bit/192kHz compatibility), Digital optical (24bit/192kHz compatibility), Stereo RCA (line level), 3.5mm (line level)
Power: 2 x 65w
Cabinet type: Two-way reflex ported
Dimensions: 279mm (H) x 170mm (W) x 296mm (D)
Weight: 5.1kg (passive speaker), 5.5kg (powered speaker)


PL780 Dimensions: 45 cm x 38 cm x 12.5 cm M20 Dimensions (per speaker): 279mm (H) x 170mm (W) x 296mm (D)

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