What to think about with... Radio ceiling speakers

If you love listening to radio stations, both on FM and DAB frequencies but hate having to deal with large radios either on your kitchen counter top or with portable audio devices that often get in the way, then why not consider something a little different?

With Radio Ceiling Speakers integrated in your home, regardless of what room you are in, you can tune in to your favourite shows and presenters with ease.

  • Purpose

Ceiling speakers typically, allow you to fill whatever room with fantastic audio. Fitting speakers into your ceiling space, has another advantage, as it keeps everything out of the way, and you will hardly notice them when you walk into the room - as a result of ceiling speakers, gone are the days of bulky noticeable Hi-Fi speakers on table tops or side cabinets.

Having radio integrated into a system allows you to tune in to your favourite stations with just a touch of a button, and you can relax and enjoy great audio around your room thanks to the system you choose, whether you want a simple solution for your kitchen or bathroom to give you background audio, or a broader setup to give you more options, radio ceiling speakers can suit a number of needs.

  • Size of room / speakers

The size of room and speakers, and the number of speakers, play a significant part of the decision you will have to make before purchasing.

You will be having to cut holes into your ceiling at some point, so it is far better to get this decision right now instead of having to make changes and modifications at a later date.

Consider what you wish to do with your audio system. Is this for your own personal needs in your kitchen or bathroom, or will you be planning to host dinner parties and functions where audio will almost become the centre piece itself?

We have 2.5", 5" and 6.5" speaker sizes available, and can either work in a single pair or in two pairs, again depending on the size of room you wish to install these in, and also what you require the system to do.

  • Functions

All of our radio ceiling speakers at BuyCleverStuff come as standard with FM tuners, however as you may be aware, DAB is on the rise, allowing for more stations and a clearer sound (if in a good reception area).

KB Sound offer radio ceiling speaker systems with Bluetooth. The select star comes in both a FM and a FM & DAB version with both 2.5" & 5" speakers.

The KB Sound Select Star is an in ceiling amplifiers which is a discreet solution for adding music to your home with everything sitting out of sight in the ceiling void with everything being controlled by app (or by remote control - additional costs apply*)

Systemline have the E100 In Wall Amplifier which offers DAB and Bluetooth all within a stylish control panel which can be used to control the unit along with a remote control.

The powerful Systemline E100 amplifier allows for up to four 6.5" ceiling speakers to be connected making it the great option for larger rooms. 

Presets can be installed into these systems, so your favourite stations can be accessed easily and without trawling through frequencies every time you turn the unit on or off.

  • Appearance

These radio ceiling speakers can be very discreet, with very small speakers installed alongside a slimline remote control, through to a fitted panel in-wall that can be controlled directly or even again via a remote.


These four main aspects that we have now evaluated and considered hopefully will make purchasing a Radio Ceiling Speaker system that little bit easier and give you more of a sense of what you require. So why not visit our main BuyCleverStuff website where you can browse and purchase your perfect audio solution today!

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