What to think about with... Ceiling Speaker Amplifiers

When thinking about a Ceiling Speaker Amplifier for your home, there is plenty to consider before installing, and before even purchasing.

Not every system is the same in terms of style and function, and you may need to weigh up the options of how many speakers you require for the space where you want to install.

Our short-list of considerations will hopefully help find the right system for you.

  • Purpose

Ceiling speakers, in general, allow you to fill whatever room with superb audio. Installing speakers into your ceiling space, has another advantage, as it keeps everything out of the way, and you will scarcely notice them when you walk into the room - as a result of ceiling speakers, gone are the days of chunky noticeable Hi-Fi speakers on tabletops or side cabinets.

  • Size of room / speakers

The size of room and speakers, and the number of speakers, play a notable aspect of the decision you will need to make before purchasing.

There will be the need to have holes cut into your ceiling eventually, so making the correct decision now would be a lot more beneficial than making modifications and changes at a later date.

Another aspect to take into consideration is what it is exactly that you wish to accomplish with your audio system. Is this for your own personal needs in your kitchen or bathroom, or will you be planning to host dinner parties and functions where audio will play a major part in your plans for entertainment?

  • Functions

Functionally, every Ceiling Speaker Amplifier product we stock is able to connect to a source or has built-in with Bluetooth connectivity to work in the same way - so whether you are connecting via a 3.5mm jack lead or through a smartphone or tablet device, you can play your music with little fuss and fill your room.

Depending upon how you wish to use the product is a key aspect.

  • Appearance

As previously mentioned, depending upon which Ceiling Speaker Amplifier you choose, it will differ in appearance.

The Systemline E50 and E100 are both able to be fitted into UK double gang back boxes, and are black in design. You have the addition of wired jack inputs also on the in wall panel design, as well as basic volume and on / off control buttons.

With the KB Sound Select Star, the only elements to be concerned about will be the speakers dropped from within the ceiling, which are discreet enough - however if you choose to have the associated optional remote, this will also be handing about on view.

Like other remotes you may have in your home to control TVs or other such devices, this can be hidden away when not in use.

The Lithe Audio speakers have effectively nothing on show making them the most discreet option. 

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