What to think about when buying...Bluetooth Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth Bathroom Ceiling Speakers is fast becoming a major feature in bathrooms across the country.

We've found the easiest, and most robust Bluetooth & Radio systems and products to help expand music into your bathroom area.

Whether you are looking for a discreet all in one ceiling system or system that features an integrated wall panel there are serval options to choose from.

Bathroom Audio products can seem a little daunting to decide between, but here we outline what you might want to think about before you purchase.

  • Purpose

So you are wanting more from your music in your bathroom? Perhaps you want to have your own music playing from your mobile safe in the knowledge that it isn't going to get dropped and damaged.

Our Bluetooth Bathroom Audio systems can solve all of those problems. When radio just isn't enough, Bluetooth connectivity inclusive of radio breaks down these barriers, or perhaps you want a Bluetooth only product.

Decide upon how you'd like it to feature within your space. We have ceiling speaker systems, which connect to an in-wall panel or even a separate remote unit to control everything from your mobile device and also your radio.

  • Size of room / speakers

When it comes to considering how the sound can fill your bathroom space sufficiently enough, you have a number of elements to think about.

Our speaker sizes for our ceiling speaker systems range include 2.5", 5" and 6.5" sizes. You may have a large room, in which case a pair of 2.5" speakers may not be enough.

Stereo speakers are also available, as are waterproof speakers, should you require to install them in a high humidity bathroom, shower or even sauna thanks to their IP35 rating.


  • Functions

Functionality varies right across our range of Bluetooth Bathroom Audio, meaning we are sure if this is a product you have had interest in for some time, we will have the best solution for you.

Determine what features you want to include. Of course you are looking for Bluetooth connectivity, but perhaps you do want radio included. It may not be a necessity should you use radio apps on your Bluetooth device, but it may be out of habit to tune into your favourite station, and with our systems this can easily be done.

Other sources can be connected through stereo phono inputs and also 3.5mm jack inputs - but be aware that using some units with outfacing inputs means you will need to keep them a relative distance from any water source - some in fact will not be suitable whatsoever in this.

Some units, such as the Systemline E100, have moisture resistant fronts, meaning you can control the system even if your fingers are slightly damp.

The KB Sound Star allows for your Bluetooth device to pair with the system and for you then to control your audio through a single remote control. This enables you to not have to worry about the safety of your Bluetooth device in the bathroom and can keep it safely to one side.


  • Appearance

With Bluetooth Bathroom Audio, depending upon which system you choose is how it will sit in your room.

In ceiling speakers can be fitted very discreetly within your ceiling space, and the connecting in-wall panels are smartly designed with surrounding environments in mind.

A smart and stylish product such as the Systemline E100 fits neatly into the wall space, as does its successor the E50 White (Bathroom Edition).

With the KB Sound Select Star app and optional remote, its discreet style of amplifier and speakers all in-ceiling, you will hardly notice that it is in your room at all, which for minimalist rooms it can be a great addition.

Simple and easy to use, it also eliminates the need of being in control of your Bluetooth device at all times, as all the control comes from the optional Select Star remote.

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