What to think about when buying... Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

When thinking about Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers for your home, there is plenty to consider before installing, and before even purchasing.

Not every system is the same in terms of style and function, and you may need to weigh up the options of how many speakers you require for the space where you want to install.

Our short-list of considerations will hopefully help find the right system for you.


    Ceiling speakers, in general, allow you to fill whatever room with fantastic audio.

    Installing speakers into your ceiling space, has another advantage, as it keeps everything out of the way, and you will hardly notice them when you walk into the room - thanks to ceiling speakers, gone are the days of chunky obtrusive Hi-Fi speakers on tabletops or side cabinets.

    Once you combine this with an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, then you can greatly expand your audio experience at home.

    The ability to play your own personal music, or even through music streaming apps via your personal smartphone or tablet's Bluetooth pairing, means almost an unlimited supply of music straight into your home.

    Size of room / speakers

      The size of room and speakers, and the number of speakers, play a significant part of the decision you will need to make before purchasing.

      You will be needing to cut holes into your ceiling at some point, so it is better to get this decision right now rather than needing to make changes and alterations at a later date.

      Think about what you wish to do with your audio system. Is this for your own personal needs in your kitchen or bathroom, or will you be looking to host dinner parties and functions where audio will almost become the centre piece itself?


        Functionally, every product with Bluetooth connectivity works in the same way - once active, you can search to pair your device and once paired, your personal choice of audio can play away without worry.

        Factors to consider are if there are any obstructions in the way between the receiver and your device, such as doors or walls - this again can have an effect on the loss of sound quality if multiple objects are in the way.

        Many of our Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Systems allow for additional sources, so for instance, stereo phono connections or 3.5mm jack leads can be connected for other devices that may not have Bluetooth connectivity.

        Alongside that, we have systems also include DAB and/or FM radio tuners, so if you are looking to perhaps just listen to your favourite radio station, you can also achieve this as well.


        With Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers, depending upon which system you choose, they will differ in appearance.

        You have three main options of style to choose from; in-wall control panel (Systemline), a remote control system (KB Sound Star), or all in one bluetooth ceiling speakers (Lithe Audio)

        The Systemline E50 and E100 showcases beautifully designed in wall panels. The Systemline E50's gesture control allows the system to be controlled by just the swipe of a hand. Whereas the Systemline E100 offers both Bluetooth and DAB+ Radio. 

        The discreet nature of the KB Sound Star remote means that you will hardly notice that it is in your room at all, which for minimalist rooms is a fantastic quality. It is simple to use and can be controlled completely from your phone via the dedicated KB Sound app or via a remote control which is an optional extra.

        Lithe Audio innovative ceiling speakers combines a powerful 50W rms amplifier & Bluetooth into one unit. Just add power and you're good to go!

        There is plenty to evaluate when it comes to Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers, but hopefully you are well suited now to select the perfect solution for your needs.

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