Vinyl popularity growing vinyl popularity growing thanks to music streaming boost

Have you streamed music recently through sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud or even YouTube?

According to a recent survey by ICM Unlimited, the chances are that you've then gone and bought it on vinyl, as sales of the format look set to increase for the tenth year in a row.

According to the survey, shared with the BBC, almost half of people who have bought vinyl copies of songs and albums have done so after having listened to it online via streaming.

There seems to be a number of varied reasons as to why vinyl sales are on the up, with music fans wanting to have something physical to hold, the belief that they are helping support artists better financially compared to the deals hammered out with streaming sites, and also strangely pure from an aesthetic basis to have on shelves at home.

In recent weeks, Sainsbury's has introduced sales of vinyl in their supermarkets for shoppers to put in their trolleys, and with the upcoming Record Store Day this weekend, vinyl is booming again.

However, you may find it might not necessarily be booming in homes - out of all those who buy vinyl, 41% have a turntable yet never use it and an incredible 7% do not even own a turntable to play it on!

At BuyCleverStuff we're here to help solve that problem with our range of home audio solutions that combine both past and present to give you the perfect way to play your music.

Our soundmaster range includes vinyl record players (some even with cassette players - for those who may still have recordings of the Top 40 on C60 somewhere in that bottom drawer), simple FM / DAB radio receivers that can be fitted around the home, whether it is lounge, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and also products that allow for Bluetooth connectivity or direct internet radio - giving you every option when it comes to listening to audio.

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