The Importance Of Customer Reviews At BuyCleverStuff

Reviews and feedback are a massive part of a customer’s shopping experience – and something we take immense pride and time in here at BuyCleverStuff.

Just like we did when we first began gathering reviews, back in 2013 (which was still nearly seven years in from the beginning of BuyCleverStuff) it was so we could get to grips and understand with what our customers liked about us online – and still is today!

5-Star Reviews

Having those ratings and stars is a first indication to other customers of how successful we are, before they have even seen the product they are looking for.

You always hope to do a good job - we wouldn't come to work if we couldn't - which is why having thousands of five-star reviews is incredible from what you can see.

However, we’ve been truly overwhelmed in that time since 2013 to see just how positive - and consistent - the opinions are of our customers; for a small team here in our office, it really is a joy to read all the kind and uplifting comments.

Ensuring We Do Right When It Goes Wrong

Whilst we put every effort in to being amazing with our customer service, there are occasions where an experience for someone hasn’t been found to be enjoyable.

If something has gone wrong with a product, or the courier service hasn’t been great, we want people, first and foremost to contact us directly – we will do EVERYTHING possible to solve your problem – we are human in the office, there’s no robots (as far as we know!) dealing with customers, so call or email and we’ll look to put things right.

As much as we’d love to send out perfect products each and every time, sometimes there’s a fault, sometimes there’s a slight human error with an address or telephone number entered, sometimes it’s a delivery issue, and perhaps even it’s a mistake the customer has made, but it’s able to be solved.

That all said, we know there are also people who thrive on giving negative feedback or being downright angry on the telephone or via email to us when we haven’t the first idea there has been a problem?

For the life of us, we simply do not know why that is the case, and it’s not nice when in the very rare instance this happens, but as is the right thing to do, we maintain our high level of customer service still to ensure we try to put right any wrongs.

Every Review Matters

It might seem as if you’ve read more about what we do when something goes wrong rather than the good elements of our feedback – and there’s a very important point to make about this:

Wouldn’t you like to be sure we can solve something when something wrong has happened instead of ignoring it and be reassured that we have addressed the situation in our responses to these times?

We’re striving to make our platform better with our review processes constantly – for example we’re going to be implementing very soon specific product reviews on our website so you can read first hand, not just about our service in our general feedback, but customers with those products!

Committed To Customer Service

Not only this, but whilst we do sell direct on our website, we also have listings on Amazon and eBay, which again have wonderful almost 100% positive reviews and that has been a further continuation of what we strive to deliver through this website.

So wherever you buy from online, if it’s from BuyCleverStuff, in whichever way,  you can be sure we’re giving you our 5-Star service, as rated by our verified customers, whenever you shop!

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