The Best Way To Start A Vinyl Collection

If you weren’t sure before, vinyl is back, and well and truly in fashion. Here we’ve got the best products for you to get the most out of your records...

From younger listeners through to those with mountains of LPs, everyone seems to want to join in with the vinyl revolution, whether its the latest chart toppers or classic like The Beatles, Queen and many more.

But what do you need to get involved in listening to vinyl?

The vinyl revolution… what’s it all about?

Sales of vinyl records have slowly but steadily been on the rise for the last decade or more, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, and especially with the annual Record Store Day event.

There’s now even a specific Top 40 vinyl album chart which is rife with both classic iconic albums and modern day artists.

The British Phonographic Industry stated that in 2015, there were 2.1 million vinyl LPs sold - the highest it had been for just over two decades.

Why vinyl? Analogue in a digital world

The 90s saw a real drive (pardon the pun) for CD, as many criticised vinyl records for scratching and snapping.

So what’s brought it back en-vogue?

As digital music has become the go-to for a younger market, there seems to be a wave of audiophiles determined to withstand this onslaught of Cloud-based audio.

iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and many others are fantastic catalogues of music making it even easier to find tracks in an instant. On phone, tablets, laptops, TV services and more - accessible and available in moments.

However you can’t get your hands on it - it’s not there - but with vinyl; it’s physically in your hands.

The cover artwork is something you can touch and get up close with, just as much as holding a vinyl to your eye level and seeing the groove throughout the record - magical!

There’s arguments though that vinyl is more authentic, the playback, the scratchy sound, the wait for a track as the needle turns, needing to even flip over the record for more tracks, rather than hitting the Skip or Shuffle button.

Rather than using one or the other, many music lovers flit between streaming and vinyl. Often using their Spotfiy account for listening on the go, researching and discovering new bands and sound-tracking parties. The albums and artists they really love are then bought on vinyl to listen to on their turntable.

That’s not to say for one second that the world needs to have one or another, both physical, streaming and downloads all have their place in this new music era.

Many new artists make their way with streaming online, before gaining traction with the chance to record tracks on vinyl, whilst many may listen to older artists and have relatives who can let them rediscover how it sounded originally on records.

If you want to get set and start up a vinyl collection, here’s a few handy tips!

How to get started?

  • Something to play vinyl on!

Firstly, get a turntable, it might some obvious, and it is, but you have to start somewhere! We’ve got basic turntables at BuyCleverStuff through to fuller systems that incorporate other audio such as radio, CDs and USBs. Which leads us on to the next tip…

  • Digitise your current collection

If you have a music collection of CDs already, why not think about a turntable that can digitise and save into MP3 format all of what you currently have. We’ve got a wide range of units that can do just that. You won’t lose it then, and it can be stored on hard drives and kept safe. You may find that the music you have isn’t even available for download if it wasn’t kept or released anywhere else!

  • Saved? Now sell or swap your old CDs!

Look at your old CD collection, if you want to move on to vinyl, pick out your ten moved loved or listened to albums - then replace them one by one with a vinyl copy if you can find it.

  • Check the charts

That favourite album your looking for could be in the Top 40 vinyl albums and you don’t even know it, so go check it out, likelihood is you can then pick it up from a local record store and have it ordered in. There may even be some new artists you want to have a listen to!

  • Car boot sales

No success in the chart? There’s always a car boot sale, and many sellers finding vinyl in their loft “gathering dust” - a perfect opportunity to find some hidden gems as well as your favourites at half the price!

  • Online sites

Buy your vinyl online - eBay is a great source of vinyl, again, many looking to have a clearout, but of course be careful as second hand without seeing it could mean it’s scratched and almost unplayable!

  • Keep them safe!

Ensure your records once you’ve bought them are well looked after and in sleeves and brushed down with a soft anti-static brush to prevent any dirt, dust and scratches to help them last for years to come!

Give Your Vinyls Something Great To Play On

Here's three of the best trutnable products we have right now at BuyCleverStuff to make the most of your new vinyl collection - and best of all, all can digitise your music!


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