Our Climate Pledge

We’re striving to become a climate positive workforce!

Here at BuyCleverStuff we believe in the future, that is why we are devoted to having a positive impact on the world we live in.

When doing some research on how to have a positive impact we discovered Ecologi. We were blown away at the amazing work they do alongside The Eden Reforestation Projects, we knew straight away that we had to get involved and do our bit towards a brighter future. 

Who are Ecologi and what do they do?

Ecologi are a collective of passionate and talented individuals from all around the world who have collaborated to build a platform to take action against climate change. As a  platform they are encouraging businesses to offset their emissions and be more climate positive by planting trees and supporting some incredible projects.

So far 7581 business have made the pledge to Ecologi and here at BuyCleverStuff we are excited to join them on this journey towards tackling Climate Change. 

That is why for every product you buy directly from our website buycleverstuff.co.uk we will be planting 5 trees!

We are so excited to start growing our BuyCleverStuff forest and begin making a positive impact on our planet. You can follow our forests progress with the link below and track the positive impact that it is having on our environment. 


Offsetting Our Carbon Emissions 

As well as planting tree's we are also working very hard to offset our Carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from goldstandard.org.

Offsetting is an effective way to reduce emissions globally and create sustainable development benefits for communities around the world.

What are Carbon Credits?

Purchasing high quality carbon credits is an effective way to take accountability for these unavoidable emissions and to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

By us purchasing these credits we are able to help life changing projects that make a huge differences to communities around the world. For example the 'Cleaner, Safe Water In Cambodia project', In Cambodia, untreated water and poor sanitation cause an estimated 10 million cases of diarrhea and 10,000 deaths each year, mostly in children living in rural areas. 

To date, social enterprise Hydrologic has reached nearly two million Cambodians with its ceramic water purifiers. With a filter in their homes, families can now drink safely! By no longer needing to boil water, indoor air pollution from wood burning is reduced, household fuel costs are slashed, time is saved for women and children, and Cambodia’s vulnerable forests are protected.


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