Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker - The real challenger to Sonos?

For years Sonos has shown its might when it comes to high quality multiroom audio – however, now there is a young contender to the throne; Lithe Audio.

In the last two years, Lithe Audio have made a massive impact on the home audio market with their incredible Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker.

After such success, and winning countless awards along the way, Lithe Audio have now released their WiFi Ceiling Speaker and fully integrating App for multiroom audio control.

As simple as their Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker, their latest creation is just as easy to install – and for most DIYers, it is no problem enough to fit, but as always if you’re unsure, it’s always best to ask a qualified electrician to fit.

Once installed, all you will need to do is the following:

  • Ensure your home broadband connection is set and ready with your mobile/tablet connected…
  • Power up your speakers…
  • Download the free Lithe Audio app from Apple Store or Google Play Store…
  • Open the app and sync your speakers to your WiFi connection…
  • …and play!

You have the option of playing out audio stored on your mobile/tablet device as standard, Spotify (must be Spotify Premium), Tidal, Deezer and also access TuneIn radio, alongside vTuner Internet Radio.

Have other rooms with Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speakers? You can combine them into zones, alter volume, rename each speaker and more - all within the Lithe Audio app!

If you’re an Apple Music streaming user, you can use the Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker in Airplay format – however you can only stream content to one master speaker, meaning right now (for the time being) you cannot bring together other speakers in a multiroom set-up.

Lithe Audio are looking at integrating Amazon Alexa ability in future models, and bringing Amazon Music within the app, but this is work in progress for the UK-based audio company.

It goes without saying though that it is certainly a massive rival to Sonos, as there is nothing quite like it on the market right now with the Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker!

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