How to choose your perfect ceiling speaker system

At BuyCleverStuff we have been selling ceiling speaker systems for the kitchen and bathroom for many years, so we know the best solutions for our customers’ ceiling speaker requirements.

Our main product range features a number of brands that all cater in Ceiling speaker systems, and at BuyCleverStuff, we test every product we stock so you have the best Integrated Ceiling Speaker Systems on the market to choose from.

What is the best Ceiling Speaker System for me?

Whilst we have a number of very popular products, it is always dependent on what your own personal needs and requirements are.

  • Lithe Audio

The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speaker is a brilliant ceiling speaker solution that can be installed not just during the build process, but is easy to retro-fit as well. Simply power it, pair it, and play it. You only need your Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or tablet, works with any audio app you have, and will even allow connection to an external source such as a TV.

At the tail end of 2018, Lithe Audio also released their incredible true WiFi Ceiling Speakers - a real challenger to the idea of Sonos.

Both options of speaker are available as standard or IP-rated waterproof versions.

  • KB Sound

Another popular Ceiling Audio range of products is from KB Sound.

The Select Star is the successor to both the iSelect and the Select BT.

It is almost a merger of both units into one, taking the best bits from both to produce a product made for the current market.

Controlled via free downloadable app (a feature of the Select BT), and also optional remote control (a feature of the iSelect) - you can stream Bluetooth and listen to FM or DAB radio with complete freedom and control.

Available with either 2.5" or 5" ceiling speakers, the Select Star is suitable for a range of rooms and purposes.

There is also a brilliant Bluetooth and aux system from KB Sound called the Mando, which fits in-wall to connect, again, to ceiling speakers

  • Systemline

The Systemline E50 is a simple keypad with built-in Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, both front and rear. 

Whilst it does not feature radio, you can always use radio apps found on your smartphone or tablet, and TV audio can be played through the system as well.

The stunningly beautiful in-wall keypad finished in gloss black is touch controlled and also hand gesture controlled, meaning everything to play your audio just as you want it is all at your fingertips.

Its predecessor, the Systemline E100, as well as Bluetooth, it has FM and DAB radio included, and also features as OLED screen, but lacks having the touch-matrix to control, however a small remote control comes with the system.

All these units come bundled with Q Install Ceiling Speakers from the award-winning supplier, Q Acoustics, ensuring you get an incredible audio experience in your home.

What size of Ceiling Speaker do I need?

The size of speaker is sometimes a personal choice as you might not want to have large Ceiling Speakers within your room.

The standard ceiling speaker size we sell is 6.5", for customers wanting ceiling speakers in smaller room we recommend the KB Sound range which offers 2.5" and also 5" speakers.

Do I need an extra antenna with my Ceiling Radio System?

Although all our systems come with short wire antennas, we would recommend if you are in a poor reception area the purchase of an additional antenna to ensure the best quality reception. For DAB Ceiling Radios we always recommend the DAB Antenna Kit and we offer a bundle on these accessories, see product details for further information.

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