Delivery Charges - The Reason Behind Why We Charge For Certain Areas

In recent months, we've seen a rise in complaints about why we must charge to certain locations of the United Kingdom.

This has come mostly from our eBay sales (we do sell both new and graded items on eBay - and you are noted of the condition of the product at all times - if you buy direct on our website, it is ALWAYS a brand new product you are purchasing), where customers in the extremities have had grievances.

It's something that as a small independent business in the UK we'd love to see overcome by couriers and worked upon by Royal Mail/Parcelforce - but because of what we sell, our hands are tied.

The majority of our items that we dispatch are of a size which isn't going to fit through your letterbox - however, when it is, we will send it via Royal Mail.

We often get queried in relation to additional charges for Lowland/Highland Scotland and other areas of the UK.

Universal Service Obligation

Royal Mail is the only courier service in the UK that is bound to Universal Service Obligation for delivery to charge the same price wherever in the UK - however, that is of standard mail only, not larger parcel items through their Parcelforce service, which is where the majority of our items fall into the category of.

All other private couriers are not restricted from charging how they wish depending on location. We use predominantly either DPD Local or Parcelforce, depending on cost and service provided from the relevant item, as we find them to be the best for price.

Unfortunately it does mean sometimes some postcodes are banded together in a particular way, and we literally have no choice in that matter, but as a small independent business we have worked extremely hard to get the fairest price, on the fastest and most reliable tracked service possible, without customers in these areas paying over the odds.

It's not something we want to do in charging, but we must reiterate - we have no choice at times - but we're probably sending you a large box, not a piece of paper.

Our website automatically indicates what you will be expected to pay in checkout, and we've worked tirelessly to achieve these rates for you as a customer.

If you do feel compelled to complain, we'd respectfully ask not to direct your anger at us - we don't like it as much as you, we can assure you of that, and we're doing all we can to maintain and search for ways to keep any delivery costs to a minimum - however we'd recommend to push on courier services and your local MP if this is something that affects you.

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