Unveiling the BuyCleverStuff Demonstration Showroom

In May 2015, BuyCleverStuff moved into new premises in order to grow as a business, and with it came one major new addition in the form of a new demonstration showroom in our office.

It has long been our intention to create a space where we can install products that we stock, for customers to visit and view them in realistic kitchen and bathroom environments, and also somewhere we can produce in-house product videos to post online.

We know that our customers have wanted this too for some time with many requests to visit to see and hear the products we stock beyond our main purchase website, so we decided we would do just that.

As you can see from the timeline of images below, it’s been a very interesting, and lengthy, process from the room we originally started out with, together with the design concepts and planning, the hard work put into constructing and decorating of the room and finally the installation of products to complete the transformation.

So there you have it – from a room that was bare brickwork but for a carpet and radiator, into an adaptable space for our kitchen and bathroom audio visual products. We can now showcase to our customers our available products first hand or through our upcoming in-depth YouTube videos to allow for better understanding, more than ever, of everything you need to know when it comes to audio visual within your home.

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