Featured BuyCleverStuff Demonstration Showroom Products

As part of our BuyCleverStuff Demonstration Showroom, we selected a number of different products to install that give as good a sense of what to expect if installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

With the sheer range of products we have to purchase over on our main website, it was a tough choice to decide, but over the coming weeks and months we will be showcasing as many products as possible through videos posted online, so keep checking back here and at BuyCleverStuff.co.uk.

If you are thinking of visiting us to see the products fitted and installed, but we have a product in stock that is not installed that you would like to view, we are more than happy to demonstrate this for you.

Below is a short guide of the products we have installed and how they look in our demonstration showroom:

SoundMaster DAB2035A simple under cabinet radio with FM and DAB/DAB+ radio available. Finished in silver with brushed steel effect, it complements most other kitchen appliances you may have. Stations can be preset and it features useful functions such as calendar, alarm and cooking timer, all of which are displayed on the front LED panel.


SoundMaster UR2040Similar to the DAB2035, the UR2040, which comes in both silver or white, incorporates Bluetooth technology to pair with your smartphone or tablet to play audio from these devices. With handy LED under cabinet light to allow you to carry out quick kitchen tasks with ease in dim lighting, and double the amount of available presets for radio compared to the DAB2035.


SoundMaster UR2170For some, having the ability to play their CD collection is a major factor in their kitchen audio solution, which is why the UR2170, in silver or white, is the perfect answer. With similar radio functions to our other under cabinet offerings in our showroom, all three give you an idea of what potentially you can do to solve your kitchen audio headache.


VSKTV102B Flipdown TVOur smallest screen size in our range of Flipdown Kitchen TVs is the Visua 10″ Flipdown Kitchen TV with DVD Player.

Simple to install, with Freeview TV tuner,  and features additional connections for HDMI, USB and even SD Card slot.

Available in three colours, in Matt Black (as seen in our showroom), Gloss Black and also Gloss White.


VSKTV133P Flipdown TVSleek and stylish in design, this larger Visua screen provides a superb viewing experience through its LED Backlit 13.3” LCD Panel. With a host of useful input connections, it is adaptable for other sources, and comes with built in multi-region DVD Player; without doubt our most functional Flipdown Kitchen TV on offer at BuyCleverStuff.


SOVOS 15" Flipdown TVFor those looking for an even bigger screen to drop down from under their cabinet, this 15″ model from SOVOS ticks that box. Whilst it may not have the additional features our other units have, which its previous model had, the demand for a screen of this size was overwhelming and gives you, our valued customers, the widest range of Kitchen Flipdown TV sizes available.


E100 SystemlineWe have a range of in wall amplifier systems, but the latest E100 from Systemline is the next step in style and functionality. With integrated Bluetooth and amplifier (a development from the E200 predecessor), this touch panel also comes with built in FM and DAB / DAB+ radio. Combined with high quality 6.5″ Qi65CB Ceiling Speakers, this system is perfect not just in kitchens and bathrooms (IP54 rated), but around the home.


Mando In Wall Bluetooth ReceiverWhilst we do a range of double gang sized in wall panel systems, sometimes our customers look for a simple, single gang, Bluetooth only solution, which is exactly what the Mando BT In Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver provides. Built in Bluetooth receiver and amplifier with 3.5mm front facing jack input for any other sources you may want to use, all able to fit neatly in a single gang back box. Available in different coloured fascias, featured black, white and grey, and also with smaller 2.5″, and larger 6″, ceiling speakers.
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S-Box Pop-up Kitchen Power PointS-Box Pop-up Kitchen units are fantastic products that can help your kitchen’s space saving problem with a space-creating answer; if it’s finding a home for your keys, spice rack, a handy place for your knife box or other kitchen utensils. For our showroom, we chose two to incorporate in our worktop; first, the Pop-up Kitchen Power Point with USB Port. Perfect for extra power in your kitchen space and great in our demonstration showroom in case you “pop-up” yourself to see us, it’s a power point for you to charge your mobile devices via the power socket or twin USB port as you take a look at our other products.


S-Box Pop-up 19" Kitchen TVOur second S-Box Kitchen Pop-up Solution is the Pop-up 19″ HD Ready Kitchen TV with DVD Player. This gives us the chance to show just how impressive S-Box solutions are. If you thought before you could not have a larger screen beneath your cabinet, why not have one come up from your worktop instead? With Nicam Stereo Sound Speakers, Freeview, DVD and HD Tuner built-in, we could not help ourselves but have one installed to show you how to really solve an audio visual problem in your kitchen.

Pitch Illuminated Bluetooth Bathroom MirrorIf you are looking for a simple, functional, Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror, the Pitch from Tavistock is just that. Controlled by hand swipe sensor beneath the mirror to switch on the illuminating LED edge strip, Bluetooth receiver to enable you to pair your Bluetooth smartphone or tablet and heated demister pad to keep your mirror fog-free.


BT550 Bluetooth Shower SpeakerA simple, yet effective Bluetooth Bathroom Shower Speaker which features the great sound quality you come to expect from SoundMaster, for those who are restricted from having ceiling speakers, would struggle installing a Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror in such a room, or just require something to fit safely within their shower – available not just in silver/grey but also green and blue, and at a fantastic low price.


19" Silver Infiniti Waterproof TVRelax and unwind in your bathroom, but never have to miss your favourite television show again whilst you do with this 19″ Silver Waterproof Infiniti TV by TechVision. Again, a very simple product to install and really complements other style elements in your bathroom such as taps and other fittings as you can see from our showroom image. It comes with ceiling speakers to fill your bathroom with audio and comes complete with splash-proof remote control.


Tenor Illuminated Bluetooth Bathroom Radio MirrorCombining everything you could want from a Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror, the Tenor Illuminated Bluetooth FM DAB Bathroom Radio Mirror really does have a lot to shout about. FM and DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity plays audio through high quality built in stereo speakers with 20 Watt amplifier, and the ability to connect to an external stereo ceiling speaker if preferred, together with multiple recess options when installing; it makes this Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror from MIER an obvious choice to display in our demonstration showroom.


KB iSelect 5" Bluetooth FM DAB Ceiling Radio SystemWe know from our feedback when customers come to us that there are many options to choose from with the KB iSelect. In order to be able to demonstrate every function of this Ceiling Speaker System, we have chosen to install in our showroom the KB iSelect FM / DAB Radio & Bluetooth model. Through our switch system installed in our showroom, we can operate the KB iSelect through 2.5″, 5″ and also 6″ ceiling speakers in order to demonstrate roughly what you would expect to hear depending upon your choice of ceiling speaker.


Various Custom SwitchesThree-way and volume control switches are available to accompany a wide selection of our systems, control audio from room to room and also level of volume. This is just a small selection of switches which we have installed as examples to control the vast array of ceiling speaker systems, audio mirrors and visual products in our demonstration showroom, but if you have a particular colour and finish to your switches at home, we can custom match to complement the switches you already have either in your home or plan to have fitted at the end of your build.


iStoneShowroomSuitable to use with all iPad Mini models (1st-4th Generation), you can now control and play your music, and other applications that you may have incorporated in your home with ease thanks to this fantastic in wall solution that can expand beyond just being a ceiling audio solution, available to order now from BuyCleverStuff.

Waterproof TV: What To Think About

Waterproof TVs can be defined over a widespread area from being fitted indoors in kitchens and bathrooms, and more specifically within showers, and then also outdoors for home personal use or on a commercial level for public houses and beer gardens.

With the range of products we stock at BuyCleverStuff, we are confident from the years of experience we have, that we deal with the best products on the market which have passed all the relevant safety and compliance testing.

We stock Waterproof TVs in various sizes to fit most spaces, but to be sure of exactly what you want and need, read through our guide below to help decide on your perfect solution.

  • Purpose

You’ve had in mind purchasing a Waterproof TV or a Waterproof TV Enclosure – but what is it you hope to get out of such a product?

Perhaps you want to relax in your bathroom, shower room or find yourself in the kitchen missing out on your favourite programmes, our fully recessed televisions can be the best solution to cater for this. They are the next step beyond our range of flipdown kitchen TVs with their larger screen size.

We do have larger screens for larger bathrooms and kitchens should you require, but there are differences between sizes and functions which we will outline late.

If your needs are more for outdoor use, then our range of larger outdoor waterproof TVs are a fantastic option, as well as our Waterproof and Vandal Resistant Outdoor TV Enclosure which can utilise a television set you already have or one of your own choosing to install, safely and securely.

  • Size of speakers / room

For most bathrooms and shower rooms, our 19″ to 26″ televisions will be a suitable size to install, but if you want a larger screen and have a larger space, we have screens of 32″ and upwards.

Our 19″ to 26″ Waterproof TVs come with separate ceiling speakers. This allows you fully recess your television into your wall space to give a flush, neat finish. Larger screens do not come with additional speakers.

Our Waterproof and Vandal Resistant Outdoor TV Enclosure from TV Shield is best suited to be situated outdoors or a large indoor pool / jacuzzi / sauna area. This option is handy as it allows you to use your own television within the unit, so you can decide upon what size of television rather than our other defined size of television we offer.

Such a product is also useful on a commercial level as it is vandal resistant and lockable, giving you extra security and peace of mind.

  • Functions

Across our range of Waterproof TV products, there are varying functions between each product,

The TV Shield Waterproof and Vandal Resistant Outdoor TV Enclosure as previously discussed allows for your own television to be fixed in position within the enclosure. They are lightweight, from 6.8-13.2kg in weight depending upon size selected. They feature two keyed and chambered locks to prevent theft, and are able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, are shatter resistant and comes with optically clear LEXAN Polycarbonate to give you a brilliant viewing area. Extras to help maintain the product include moisture gel, cleaning kit, energy film to protect the television within, 2” Spacing Kit, a heater kit for winter and a fan kit for summer.

Freeview TV tuners are built in to all of our Waterproof TVs available on our website.

Our selection of units from 19″ to 26″ include ceiling speakers as they are meant to be recessed fully into your wall space.

The range of TechVision Waterproof TVs also have the ability to connect a separate Bluetooth receiver, meaning not only can you watch great television, but you can also connect your personal Bluetooth device and stream your music collection. There is also the ability to connect via HDMI with the available input.

Condensation on your Waterproof TV need not be of any concern, as the heat generated from the components safely prevents any misting from occurring on the screen.

  • Appearance

Depending upon your needs and requirements and what product you actually choose to purchase is to how your product will appear once installed.

The Waterproof and Vandal Resistant Outdoor TV Enclosure from TV Shield will look very bulky and commercial, but it must be remembered that you have more freedom of choice with your screen.

Although a Mirrored Waterproof TV looks great when installed, we always make it apparent of the constraints of this style of TV.

Mirrored Bathroom TVs have a semi-reflective / semi-transparent coating on the glass, meaning the mirror is not a bright full reflective mirror and you can still see the TV behind the glass when switched off.

As well as the mirror not being as reflective as a normal mirror, when the TV is switched on the image is not as bright either as it needs to get through the mirrored coating on the glass. Finally, as mirrors are reflective then a Mirrored Waterproof TV is more prone to reflections on the screen, which in turn could affect your viewing pleasure.

From what we have said there, it might sound like we don’t like Mirrored Waterproof TVs, which is definitely not the case, but provided that they are installed in a suitable location where possible reflections are minimised then a Bathroom TV with a Mirror Finish is a great addition to any bathroom.

Hopefully having read through these four areas of what to consider before purchasing a Waterproof TV, whether you were scoping out a product for the first time, or if you were unsure before and needed some more information, you can now browse with more confidence over on our main BuyCleverStuff website.

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How To Choose Your Perfect Waterproof TV

Selecting a Waterproof TV can be a little bit daunting if you’re not too sure of what to consider. At BuyCleverStuff, we’ve sold these for many years, so we know the best products on the market. Our range of Waterproof TVs have passed all the relevant safely and compliance tests.

What is the best Waterproof TV for me?

For the end of the bath, Waterproof TVs in the 17” to 27” range would be the ideal solution. With units around 19” being an ideal size, both for price and size so as not to dominate the bathroom. From our years of experience we would suggest Black Waterproof TVs. The main purpose will be for watching programmes, and it’s hard to ignore that fact. Whilst Mirror Finish is a nice look, it will always be a TV!

If you are looking to fit your Waterproof TV in a larger bathroom or within another area, then Waterproof TVs in the 27” to 32”+ range would be the best size as they would allow you to see the screen as a distance.

Things to consider when choosing a Mirrored Bathroom TV

Although Mirrored Waterproof TVs look great when installed, with Mirror Finish we always make it clear of the limitations of this style of TV.

The first thing to understand is that currently all Mirrored Bathroom TVs supplied by ourselves are simply a semi-reflective / semi-transparent coating on the glass. This means that the mirror is not a bright full reflective mirror and you can still see the TV behind the glass when switch off. The mirror is not as reflective as a normal mirror. Also, when the TV is switched on, the image may not be as bright as it needs to get though the mirrored coating on the glass. Finally, as a mirror is reflective, then a Mirrored Waterproof TV is more susceptible to reflections on the screen, which could affect your viewing pleasure.

This might sound like we don’t like Mirrored Waterproof TVs, but it is not the case. Providing that they are installed in a suitable location where possible reflections are minimised, then a Bathroom TV with a Mirror Finish can be a great addition to any bathroom.

How do you install a Waterproof Television?

Although each Waterproof Television installation differs between models and manufactures the principle remains the same, first find the ideal location for your Waterproof Television which is best done by lying in the bath and see where your eyes naturally fall. This position is really where the centre of the Bathroom Television should be, but it is best to check the viewing angles of the television and possible reflections to ensure you get the best picture.

Once you have found the best position for your Bathroom Television, a hole would be made into the wall together with a channel run up or down the wall for the cables to be run within.

When calculating the depth required into the wall for the Bathroom Television, account for the thickness of any plasterboard, tile adhesive and tiles as in most cases you will not need the full depth cut into the wall if it’s a solid wall. Before tiling it’s important run all the cables from the television location to the loft or floor void, and it is best practice to put an extra “pull-through” wire should any extra cables need to run at a later date.

Depending on the model you might install a frame into the wall prior to tiling the wall or in some cases this is done after tiling has been completed, but either way once the tiling is complete the TV would be fitted into the frame that is installed into the wall. Before finalising the install, most Waterproof Televisions require a bead of silicone sealer to be run around the frame and in some cases around the glass too.

Once the Waterproof Television has been connected to the mains supply, antenna and any other inputs you are ready to enjoy a bath with your own television.

Do I need an antenna with a Waterproof Bathroom TV?

All our Waterproof Bathroom TVs require connecting to an antenna just like any other television and we recommend that it is a good quality antenna outlet to ensure you get the best from your Waterproof TV.

Can I get radio on your Waterproof TVs?

As all our Waterproof TV’s have Digital Freeview TV Tuners then yes you will be able to listen to a selection a Digital Radio Stations, they can be found from channel number 700 in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) of the Bathroom TV.

How To Choose Your Perfect Kitchen TV

At BuyCleverStuff we have been selling Kitchen TVs for many years so we know the best solutions for our customers Kitchen TV requirements, we only sell TVs that are designed specifically for the Kitchen or products that would be suitable to the Kitchen environment.

What is the best Kitchen TV for me?

The most popular product from our Kitchen TV range are our Flipdown TVs, they allow the screen to be folded away when the television is not in use and are very simply to fit on the underside of the kitchen cabinet.

Our next Kitchen TV solution is the fantastic S-Box Pop-Up TV, this television for the kitchen is fitted into the worktop and upon pushing the lid of the S-Box the Kitchen TV is lifted from within the kitchen worktop. In order to fit the S-Box Pop-Up Kitchen TV you will need a void at the back of your cabinet or ideally the S-Box Pop-Up Kitchen TV could be fitted into a kitchen island.

The final option we offer is the Splashback Kitchen TV concept which is basically a Wateproof TV fitted into the wall above your base cabinets within your kitchen, although the solution is one of our more expensive options it does offer a fully integrated Kitchen TV design. Many of our customers fit the Splashback Kitchen TV above the cooker allowing them to watch television while preparing their culinary delights.

Things to consider when choosing a Flipdown Kitchen TV

It’s best to measure the depth of your kitchen cabinet from the front to the back, check the product details for full dimensions but we recommend that customers have at minimum 280mm front to back and 460mm width underneath their kitchen cabinet.

Also if your kitchen cabinets have a pelmet on the underside this need to be accounted for, the pelmet of course could be cut or the Flipdown TV could be placed on a “spacer” to give the television the space required under your kitchen cabinet.

What size of Kitchen TV do I need?

The screen size is a common question that customers ask us when choosing a Kitchen TV, we say that if you are going to using the Kitchen Television from more than two metres away then you should consider a screen at least 15” in size.

If however you are mainly going to us the Television under two metres and are likely to be standing directly in front or just to side then around a 10” screen would be a suitable size.

Do I need an antenna with a Kitchen TV?

All our Kitchen TVs require connecting to an antenna just like any other television and we recommend that it’s is a good quality antenna outlet to ensure you get the best from your Kitchen TV.

Can I get radio on your Kitchen TVs?

As all our Kitchen TVs have Digital Freeview Tuners then yes you will be able to listen to a selection a Digital Radio Stations, they can be found from channel number 700 in the Electronic Program Guide of the Kitchen TV.