How To Choose Your Perfect Kitchen TV

At BuyCleverStuff we have been selling Kitchen TVs for many years so we know the best solutions for our customers Kitchen TV requirements, we only sell TVs that are designed specifically for the Kitchen or products that would be suitable to the Kitchen environment.

What is the best Kitchen TV for me?

The most popular product from our Kitchen TV range are our Flipdown TVs, they allow the screen to be folded away when the television is not in use and are very simply to fit on the underside of the kitchen cabinet.

Our next Kitchen TV solution is the fantastic S-Box Pop-Up TV, this television for the kitchen is fitted into the worktop and upon pushing the lid of the S-Box the Kitchen TV is lifted from within the kitchen worktop. In order to fit the S-Box Pop-Up Kitchen TV you will need a void at the back of your cabinet or ideally the S-Box Pop-Up Kitchen TV could be fitted into a kitchen island.

The final option we offer is the Splashback Kitchen TV concept which is basically a Wateproof TV fitted into the wall above your base cabinets within your kitchen, although the solution is one of our more expensive options it does offer a fully integrated Kitchen TV design. Many of our customers fit the Splashback Kitchen TV above the cooker allowing them to watch television while preparing their culinary delights.

Things to consider when choosing a Flipdown Kitchen TV

It’s best to measure the depth of your kitchen cabinet from the front to the back, check the product details for full dimensions but we recommend that customers have at minimum 280mm front to back and 460mm width underneath their kitchen cabinet.

Also if your kitchen cabinets have a pelmet on the underside this need to be accounted for, the pelmet of course could be cut or the Flipdown TV could be placed on a “spacer” to give the television the space required under your kitchen cabinet.

What size of Kitchen TV do I need?

The screen size is a common question that customers ask us when choosing a Kitchen TV, we say that if you are going to using the Kitchen Television from more than two metres away then you should consider a screen at least 15” in size.

If however you are mainly going to us the Television under two metres and are likely to be standing directly in front or just to side then around a 10” screen would be a suitable size.

Do I need an antenna with a Kitchen TV?

All our Kitchen TVs require connecting to an antenna just like any other television and we recommend that it’s is a good quality antenna outlet to ensure you get the best from your Kitchen TV.

Can I get radio on your Kitchen TVs?

As all our Kitchen TVs have Digital Freeview Tuners then yes you will be able to listen to a selection a Digital Radio Stations, they can be found from channel number 700 in the Electronic Program Guide of the Kitchen TV.

Flipdown Kitchen TV: What To Think About

If you’re looking for a visual solution for your kitchen, then a Flipdown Kitchen TV could very well be your best option.

Functional for both small and large kitchens, a Flipdown Kitchen TV can be a fantastic addition on many levels.

Our offerings of Flipdown Televisions at BuyCleverStuff come in a range of sizes, styles and functions, but in order to understand what you choice to make we have broken down the main aspects you may need to think about before purchasing the right product for your kitchen.

  • Purpose

Flipdown Kitchen TVs allow you to bring both visual, and also audio, into your kitchen in such a way that you could be mistaken for thinking you had even installed such a product. Being able to flip down and flip up such a unit means more space saved, less clutter on your kitchen worktop, but still a fantastic solution.

If you’re in need of a screen to stop you missing your favourite television programme, or to follow along with recipes live on your favourite cookery show, or even just a centre point in the morning over breakfast to catch up with the latest news before starting your day, then some of our units feature integrated DVD players, which give you more choice when it comes to what you want to view in your kitchen.

Whilst our offerings are relatively large sizes for Flipdown TVs, should you require something more substantial, then perhaps think about one of our in-wall products. Great space savers again, but accommodating for those looking for larger screens in their kitchen area.

  • Size of room / speakers – Quality of visual output

When it comes to size of speakers with our Flipdown Kitchen TVs, the speakers can be found to be within the chassis.

It must be remembered that with everything contained within the product itself, and for its size, a Flipdown TV should never be compared to your main television(s) in your home or even our larger sized televisions that we stock.

However, the quality of audio from our range of Flipdown televisions, with our years of experience, are the best we have found on the market. Visua Flipdown TVs have two-3 Watt stereo speakers built-in to the unit. We are extremely confident in these products and work closely with suppliers to give our customers the best audio and visual products on the market.

The quality of visual output provided from our Flipdown Under Cabinet Kitchen Televisions varies from LED screens to HD ready with our integrated DVD models, but dependent upon what specific purpose you are wishing to use your product for could play a part in which product you purchase.

As previously mentioned, Flipdown Televisions are perfect for more personal viewing and audio, or if you are in close proximity, but not for larger rooms or the desire to entertain house guests.

  • Functions

Our Flipdown Kitchen TVs come with a multitude of features and functions, and finding the right product can be determined from what you want from it.

Basic Flipdown Televisions include a simple square bracket to install, but the features within the unit themselves include Freeview Tuner and Analogue tuning, and pause and record functionality via USB. Use of the USB port means you can expand its use to watching films and also listening to your own music.

Integrated DVD player models go even further, and also include two HDMI ports, effectively allowing gamers to connect to their consoles should they wish to.

  • Appearance

Focusing on the appearance of the products, they are intended to be discreetly fitted beneath your cabinet space, but they do come in a range of colours and finishes that can blend and match well with other kitchen appliances.

Having the flipdown / flip-up feature, you should never really have to worry about it being on show and in your way if using whilst working in your kitchen area.

Visua models with integrated DVD player do drop down further than a basic unit due to the DVD player, but also consider when purchasing a SOVOS Flipdown Kitchen TV, the need to also have a further drop with its larger chassis. If you have a pelmet on your kitchen cabinet it may be necessary for longer screws and extra spacers to accommodate this extra distance and sit flush to the edge of the pelmet.

Now that you have gone through the four main aspects when thinking about purchasing a Flipdown Kitchen TV, why not head over to the BuyCleverStuff website to view our full range visual products on offer.