Introducing: iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini

Introducing the iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini – integrate one of the most well-known brands of tablets on the planet, the Apple iPad, into your home to create an audio visual system like no other.

At BuyCleverStuff, the iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini is bundled with 6.5” Q Install Ceiling Speakers from Q Acoustics, to give you the perfect solution in one to add the simplicity of an iPad Mini into your home through a complete audio visual set-up.

The iPad Mini is held in place securely with two brackets, which is then finished with the magnetic White iStone fascia surround, which consists of 75% mineral stone and 25% acrylic, to give a superior clean look and feel of stone to complement your stylish iPad Mini within.

What you find included in the heart of this great product is a 20 Watts per channel stereo amplifier – low noise, low distortion and high efficiency design, combined with the Qi65CB Ceiling Speakers, meaning you are delivered outstanding sound quality.

The intelligent audio sensor within the amplifier means it will switch on and off if audio or video is instructed to play. By doing this, when in standby it means the amplifier consumes less than 0.5 watts.

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Playing your music libraries has really never been easier with the iStone.

If you already have an iPad Mini that you want to embed into the iStone, and also own another Apple device such as an iPhone that features remote applications to control your iTunes library or Apple Music, having the ability to access all your music content at your fingertips in more ways than one is now here.

Other stored or streamed content can be played and brought to the next level with the iStone In Wall Amplifier Wall Mount for iPad Mini – internet radio apps, BBC iPlayer Radio, as well as music on demand services from the likes of Spotify and Deezer are also able to be played through your iPad.

Not only can it be used as an audio system in your home, but is a fantastic alternative to a Kitchen TV with the ability to stream video from your iTunes library, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, NOW TV, and many other content platforms; giving you a full entertainment solution in one.

With a world of possibilities that can be tapped into thanks to the sheer number of home automation apps within Apple App Store, this iStone In Wall iPad Mini Wall Mount Amplifier can go beyond music and video.

If you have other home living apps installed on your iPad Mini, such as for your heating, lighting or CCTV controls, it’s a wonderful solution to have your iPad Mini installed in this way, creating a central point in your home to control everything around you whilst looking fantastic embedded in your wall.