Smart Speakers In Homes Mean Owners Listen To More Music

Smart Speaker Owners Now Listen To “More Music” Study Shows

A recent study by Edison Research has found that homes have more music in them than before, thanks to having a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research has revealed that around 70% of smart-speaker owners say they are listening to more audio at home since purchasing their device.

Other key numbers show that:

  • 65% of smart speaker owners would not go back to life without such a device
  • 42% say it is “essential” in their day-to-day lives
  • Eight out of ten parents say it is easier to entertain their children as a result of a smart speaker

These findings have come from group samples in the United States of America, but another study by Verto Analytics at the end of 2016 showed that 81% of Brits own a smartphone compared to 68% of Americans.

And with the increasing popularity in smart speakers in the United Kingdom (particularly with the Apple HomePod available from Christmas 2017) it could mean here this side of the Atlantic we’re even more fanatical about having audio in the home!

Lithe Audio to Amazon Echo Dot Connection
Connect Lithe Audio to Amazon Echo Dot
Keene KLAB Xpress to Amazon Echo Dot
Pair Easily An Amazon Echo Dot to Keene KLAB Xpress

Both the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker and the Keene KLAB Xpress – available at BuyCleverStuff – have the ability to connect and pair with Amazon Echo Dot.

This is an easy and simple way of integrating the same smart home technology cheaply, but utilising systems and other speakers for an even better audio experience.

Once you have one room catered for with smart technology, then it’s more than likely you may want to put elsewhere around the home.

The reason being? 45% of owners of a current smart speaker are expecting to purchase another some time in the future. Renovating a whole property? Installing and integrating smart tech in all rooms in one may then be the way to go.

Don’t forget as well that not only will these systems work fantastically at controlling your audio, but for other home automation such as lighting, heating, security systems and more.

So to bring your home up to speed, integrate smart home tech with brilliant Bluetooth ceiling speakers from BuyCleverStuff!

Fire Safety: Do I Need To Buy Speaker Hoods?

After the tragic events seen in London with Grenfell Tower, and the heart-breaking stories to come from it, fire safety is on everyone’s mind.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the fire and hope all get the resources and support needed.

Fire Safety at BuyCleverStuff

Fire safety, and general safety is at the forefront for us at BuyCleverStuff with our systems.

From customers being able use them safely, and installers installing them safely too.

One particular aspect is that of the installation, advice and guidelines surrounding ceiling speakers.


The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) receives many enquiries from designers and installers regarding the latest understanding of installation regulations..

Commonly asked are: if an electrician installs one or more recessed down-lighters or speakers in a location such as a domestic home kitchen, for example, what degree of fire resistance is required? In fact, is any degree of fire resistance actually required?

The basic understanding of the regulations is that it is the home owners and installers responsibility to take steps to maintain these properties when installing equipment within the fabric of the building.

And that is what the problem can be. It is argued that measures should be taken no matter where in the building speakers or down-lighters are to be installed.


We cannot advise more than what regulations state – when it comes to ceiling speaker systems, consider fire hoods if required. More than likely now though, you may feel the need to have them installed as a prerequisite.

All electrical products, from reputable retailers, are rigorously tested. However, accidents do happen. If preventative measures are in place to best prevent them then this will give you peace of mind.

We stock fire hoods available to fit our ceiling speaker systems, regulation compliant, and priced fairly. We’re looking at other fire hoods to include to have as full a range for customers to choose from.

If there is a brand you have been recommended then please contact us through our main shopping site. We will endeavour to find out more and if we can get supply and a price.

Wireless Audio

The True Meaning Of Wireless Audio

There tends to be a lot of confusion with the word ‘wireless’ when it comes to home audio ceiling speaker systems.

Let’s dispel a few myths though to give you a clearer understanding so you can find the right solution for you.

There is increasing interest in having ‘wireless’ speakers. Whether that is a portable speaker, a home HiFi system or through ceiling speakers – it’s the must-have product.

‘Wireless’ Audio Connection

First thing first – the way in which you can connect for audio is the one major factor in any system.

When we talk about ‘wireless’ connection, it is how the device you play from connects. In this instance, you have two main ‘wireless’ connections; Bluetooth and WiFi.


The concept of Bluetooth has been around since the early 1990s. It has been an integral component of mobile phones for almost two decades, more so for handsfree use in cars.

Connecting via Bluetooth is really simple when connecting for audio purposes.

Within your device settings you’ll find the option for Bluetooth – select to switch it on and it will search for devices nearby.

Bluetooth works within a range of around ten metres. There are range extenders, but these can see a drop in signal strength, so stick to what it can do.

Normally, the device you want to connect to will have a clear name to identify it, check your manuals if you’re unsure. Select it, and it will either connect automatically or you may need a PIN code to connect. Once connected, you can then enjoy whatever audio apps, streaming services or stored music library with ease.


WiFi can work in exactly the same way as Bluetooth, but it does depend on whether your audio system is WiFi enabled or not.

For example, Sonos is one of the market leaders for WiFi connection and the ability to play multiroom audio.

They rely on your home WiFi connection, the same way as some printers that can print wirelessly. It means you can go beyond the limited ten metres of Bluetooth and with a more stable connection.

Simply make sure your device is connected to WiFi and open up the app on your device that controls your audio system. It really is that easy! Sonos allows for integration of a range of streaming services (Spotify/Apple Music/Deezer etc.) and your own stored audio. You can even access radio streaming apps through the Sonos app.

Look out for more direct WiFi connecting systems in the very near future with developments in the pipeline.

‘Wireless’ Speakers

This is where we put to rest what is and is not a ‘wireless’ speaker and break down any real confusion.

“It has cables? That’s not wireless…”

Currently, the vast majority of our audio systems require speaker cable to a connecting amplifier needing power. Some do not – some are literally are a speaker with a built in/built on amplifier (which still needs power).

The former statement you can argue is not entirely ‘wireless’. And that is where the confusion often lies.

Many customers confuse the meaning of ‘wireless’ system with ‘wireless’ connection.

At BuyCleverStuff, our aim is to provide systems that allow you to play audio without a cable from your device to the speaker.

‘Wireless’ wired system

With some ceiling speaker systems, speaker cables (wires) need to run from an amplifier that sits above in the void (KB Sound). You can also cables run across and down a wall to a keypad (Systemline / Clever Little Box / Keene / King BT).

All will need mains power to them, either from a spur or from a break out to a plug socket. This is a great option if you are at first fix in your property before plastering.

Whether the connection is Bluetooth or WiFi, in this set up, you will have a ‘wireless’ connection for devices with a ‘wired’ discreet system that hides cables behind walls.

‘Wireless’ wireless system

Some ceiling speakers though have an amplifier built into and on them.

They do need one power cable to get it to work. They DO NOT take batteries.

Could you imagine wanting to change a bulk load of giant D batteries in your ceiling every other week? That is essentially what you would need to do with the power some amplifiers output – so mains power needs to be used.

Usually, it is a single speaker with the amplifier built in to it. You can expand to a second speaker if you wish – especially with the Lithe Audio products. Only then would you need a speaker cable simply to connect from one speaker to the other – and one cable/wire at that!

This built in option (without a second passive non-powered speaker) gives you a ‘wireless’ connection for devices and ‘wireless’ system – just a power cable.

Hopefully that has now explained the meanings of ‘wireless’ when it comes to our home audio systems available from BuyCleverStuff.

Not sure how many speakers you need? Check out our previous article on this to help you out room size-wise.

Room Size Help Guide For Ceiling Speakers

Simple Room Size Guide For Ceiling Speakers

Having a full understanding of just how your ceiling speaker system will work and how to get the best out of it is a great knowledge to have, particularly with a guide for ceiling speakers and a suitable room size.

You may have read in our previous article which showed this and gave a full explanation on how to decide on which ceiling speakers and where you position them.

However, we also know some of our customers just want a simple answer and an easier way to decide.

So with that, here we have some practical examples of rooms and suggested speaker sizes.

In addition we are now adding search filters relating to these to our website to help our customers select the correct ceiling speaker system.

Average UK Room Sizes

We have based our room sizes on a number of plans from high-profile UK homebuilders, including longer narrow rooms such as converted open-plan kitchen diners. Although not a definitive list, it gives a good approximation:

Average Room Sizes 1 (Redrow 2016)
1) Example of an average UK home and room size (Redrow 2016)
Average Home Sizes 2 (Redrow 2016)
2) Example of an average UK home and room size (Redrow 2016)
  • Lounge / Living Room – 5m x 3.5m
  • Large – Lounge / Living Room – 5m x 5m
  • Kitchen / Dining – 6m x 3.5m
  • Large Kitchen / Dining – 9m x 4m
  • Dining Room – 4m x 3.5m
  • Kitchen 4m x 3.5m
  • Family Room – 4m x 3.5m
  • Utility Room – 2m x 2m
  • Master Bedroom – 4.5m x 4m
  • Other Bedrooms – 3.5m x 2.5m
  • Ensuite – 2.5m x 1.5m
  • Family Bathroom – 3m x 2.5m

As can be seen in these average room sizes, there are a few variations. To keep it simple, we’ll focus on key rooms where most of our customers would fit ceiling speakers, these include Living Room, Kitchen Diner, Master Bedroom and Family Bathroom.

BuyCleverStuff – Room Size Guide

So here is our final guideline – and what we define through our website for sizing of rooms, and an idea of the speakers you’ll find when you filter:

Room Size Guide

Room Size (metres)Room Size (feet)BuyCleverStuff Size DefinitionSpeaker Option To Expect
2m x 2m6' 6.7" x 6' 6.7"SmallOne pair of 2.5” speakers OR one single stereo 6” speaker
4m x 3.5m13' 1" x 11' 6"MediumOne pair of 5”+ speakers OR one single stereo 6” speaker
5m x 5m16' 5" x 16' 5"LargeOne pair of 6”+ speakers OR two pairs of 5” speakers
8m x 4m26' 3" x 13' 1"Long NarrowTwo pairs of 5”+ speakers OR two single stereo 6” speakers

Although this is only a few of the options available, and some rooms will not fit within these dimensions, it is only guidance, to the best of our knowledge and advice.

We feel that these four variations will allow our customers to highlight only ceiling speaker systems which are the most appropriate for the room in question.

If your room layout is not covered (i.e. for an exceptionally unique size – hedge a guess if your room sits between sizes) or you have a multiple room audio requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirement.

Ceiling Speakers - What Type & How Many Do You Need

Ceiling Speakers: What Type & How Many Do You Need?

Where ceiling speakers, and installation, is concerned – this is a common and somewhat difficult question to answer.

There are so many variables to consider first and foremost.

These extra things to consider include the room size, layout, ceiling height and even furniture within the room.

In this article, we want to try to be as general as possible without too many deep technical details. We understand many of our customers want a straightforward in ceiling audio solution, however let’s handle some basic principles first.

Ceiling speaker dispersion angle

Dispersion angle is the important feature to note in your ceiling speaker specification, this tells you at what angle the audio leaves the speaker.

The wider the angle, the larger area the speakers will cover. This is may seem to be a pretty good indicator, however it’s not always quite that simple.

The angle quoted is usually for the entire speaker and not for the tweeter where the detail of the music is generated, so at the extremities of the dispersion angle you might only hear bass and limited treble.

Positioning ceiling speaker

So now we understand a little about Ceiling Speaker dispersion angle, but another factor is that ceiling speakers, and speakers in general, usually sound louder at their centre compared to listening at an offset angle.

With this in mind, an overlap coverage is usually suggested to ensure that both the volume is equal and also so that the higher frequency detail of the audio playing is directed to the listener.

Ceiling Speaker Overlap Coverage
Ceiling Speaker Overlap Coverage

The solution is simple just have more speakers? If it was only that simple – this now becomes challenging in large rooms where limitations mean that only one of two pairs of Ceiling Speakers are possible.

The simple solution without adding more audio amplifiers is to choose the biggest speakers to give the widest native disbursement pattern.

An important point regarding this, don’t assume the bigger the speakers, the wider the angle. However, it is usually the case that large ceiling speakers have a wider dispersement.

Where you listen

Another factor to consider is to think how the listener will listen to the audio.Will they be standing or sitting? It might not sound important, but trust us, it is!

If the listener is only going to listen to audio in one fixed position, then the best placement for the ceiling speakers would simply be near to the sitting position with a single pair.

However, if the room is a living space the listener might be walking around, or maybe even entertaining guests. This changes the number of speakers and the position between the speakers.

For example, if on average a head height is around 4ft (1.2m) when seated, you then need to consider that when standing this could increase to anywhere between 5ft and 6ft (1.5-1.8m).

On the seating layout, the ceiling speakers could be placed wider apart than those within a room where the listener is more likely to listen whilst standing.

Ceiling Speaker Position (Seated)
Ceiling Speaker Position (Seated)

We want to give basic guidance for the number of ceiling speakers in a room based on our experience and the speakers we offer at BuyCleverStuff.

We understand a lot of the above is difficult to put into practice. With all the variables when choosing a ceiling audio system – let us break it down again.

Breakdown of positioning

First, we need to work out an average placement spacing across our full range of speakers. Below are a few examples of the ceiling speaker dispersion angle based on an average 2.2m (7.2ft) ceiling height, and the spacing that we would recommend is as follows:

  • 90° dispersion angle / Spacing at 4.0ft (Seated) or 2.8ft (Standing)
  • 120° dispersion angle / Spacing at 4.5ft (Seated) or 3.5ft (Standing)
  • 175° dispersion angle / Spacing at 5.5ft (Seated) or 3.7ft (Standing)

As you can see the Ceiling Speaker spacing placement can vary quite a bit between, and the diagrams really help to explain this if you were in the room and listening.




The first shows a room with just the right number of speaker where the listening height is 1.2m (4ft). However the latter two show where spacing is too wide or a speaker with the incorrect dispersion angle is used.

The result of the second layout would be quiet sections between speakers and music detail lost. The examples exaggerate to help explain the worst-case scenarios.

Best practice is to fit as many as possible to ensure the room is filled with audio. However, you also need to not put too many in to provide a balanced listening experience. In addition, it means less volume required from each speaker to fill the same area.

Stereo Ceiling Speakers

Another consideration when selecting ceiling speakers? Single stereo speakers versus a pair of ceiling speakers.

Single stereo ceiling speakers are perfect for smaller, square rooms, where fitting a pair of ceiling speakers would not be possible.

Further to that, single stereo ceiling speakers are perfect for longer, narrow rooms. Think of fitting two speakers to allow for stereo sound. One in each half of the room saves shoehorning in two pairs of speakers.

With all this in mind, at BuyCleverStuff, we want to help make sure you got the right ceiling speaker system.

In our next article, we’ll explain exactly how we’ve come to decide upon defining a room space – and how you can search and filter when buying at BuyCleverStuff.

Power It, Pair It, Play It: Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

Power It – Pair It – Play It. The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker quite simply hits the nail on the head.

An audio solution that BuyCleverStuff have, in the past, struggled to find an answer for; this standalone, wireless, Bluetooth ceiling speaker, that only needs power and your device, to deliver outstanding audio to fill any room in your home with ease.

Introducing the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speaker

We’ve been on the lookout at BuyCleverStuff for a while for a unit such as this, that we could be truly confident in – and this impressive 6.5″ ceiling speaker, with built-in Bluetooth amplifier, finished with a smart slimline grille (which can be painted over to match your ceiling colour) ticks all the boxes.

The chief designer at Lithe Audio shares the same ethos as us, saying: “We work forwards from what our customer needs are, and not backwards from what the technology allows. Everything we sell must be simple and intuitive to use for everyone, from the developer to the whole family.”

Let’s give you a small taster of what to expect – and then we’ll dig a little deeper – watch below:

So where do we start? 50 watts RMS of power. Check. Kevlar woven woofer cone. Check. 1.2″ titanium directional tweeter. Check.

That’s a fair amount of power for a single speaker, but with the lightweight, strengthened Kevlar material, supported by a neat rubber-edged surround, the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker handles even the heaviest of bass should you push it.

Whilst at the other extreme, the finer details are there to be heard, just as Lithe Audio state, with “pin sharp clarity”. We really could try and expand on that statement, but we just can’t – this speaker will speak for itself when installed.

Talking of installation, one question we at BuyCleverStuff are always asked is how easy is it to install, and will an electrician be needed to install it.

With the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker, you are supplied with transformer and mains plug, and if you want just a simple installation, that is all you need plus a hole cut out in your ceiling.

If you are not confident with this though and have an electrician installing lights already, it can be a lot easier to leave a professional to install it, and it won’t take long to put in place. It is also able to be connected to a lighting circuit if you wish, but again that would be best left to an electrician to install.

Another great feature is its ability to connect to an external source, such as your television for example. You will require connection of an RCA lead for this into the speaker, but it will still deliver the same high-level audio quality.

Why stop at just one speaker though? If you want a second speaker for those slightly larger rooms to really fill it with audio, a passive speaker (same specification minus Bluetooth) can be run alongside with an inclusive five metres of speaker cable to connect them together.

The 3mm thin discreet magnetically attached grille completes the speaker to give it a neat finish which, if painted over, will be almost invisible within whatever room you install – whether it’s in your lounge, kitchen or bedrooms.

We haven’t mentioned bathrooms there, and there’s a very good reason .There’s an IP44 rated version of the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker, designed with this environment in mind, featuring a polypropylene woofer cone instead of woven Kevlar, so your speaker will withstand any splashes and moisture over time, yet still produce fantastic audio.

All of the above points we can vouch for, because as we do with any product that we have available on our website, we rigorously test it in house before we decide to offer it to our customers.

Amit Ravat, co-founder of Lithe Audio, explained the journey that he, and co-founder, Wesley Siu, undertook in producing this range of Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers: “We brought the product to market to solve a problem we encountered, we are both avid music listeners and in researching the ceiling speakers for our own homes, found it was virtually impossible to retrofit ceiling speakers in a existing property without major cost or disruption. All other systems required speaker cables run though walls or additional amplifiers or transmitters installing. Neither of which we wanted or could physically do.

“It quickly dawned on us in a world of digital streaming and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and our experience of lighting though our other company, Retrotouch, there was a simple solution; fully integrated Bluetooth wireless ceiling speakers with the amplifiers, transmitters and high quality speaker in a single,easy to install unit.

“We quickly realised our product would enable ceiling speakers to be fitted in properties new and old at an affordable cost and with quick and mess-free installation. Simply put, customers just ‘Power It, Pair It, Play It’

We could not agree more, which is why you can now purchase the brilliant Lithe Audio Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speakers, with free Next Working Day Delivery in the UK (if ordered before 3pm Mon-Thurs), direct from BuyCleverStuff.

Shop Now For Lithe Audio

How To Choose Your Perfect Ceiling Audio System

UPDATED (21/07/2016): At BuyCleverStuff we have been selling Ceiling Audio Systems for the Kitchen and Bathroom for many years, so we know the best solutions for our customers’ Ceiling Audio requirements. Our main product range features a number of brands that all cater in Ceiling Audio Systems, and at BuyCleverStuff, we test every product we stock so you have the best Integrated Ceiling Speaker Systems on the market to choose from.

What is the best Ceiling Speaker System for me?

Whilst we have a number of very popular products, it is always dependant on what your own personal needs and requirements are.

The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Wireless Ceiling Speaker is a brilliant ceiling speaker solution that can be installed not just during the build process, but is easy to retro-fit as well. Simply power it, pair it, and play it. You only need your Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or tablet, works with any audio app you have, and will even allow connection to an external source such as a TV.

One popular product from our Ceiling Audio range is the KB Sound iSelect 5” DAB as it features 5” Two-Way Ceiling Speakers and Digital Radio tuner all incorporated into a module that is fitted into the ceiling above the speakers controlled via remote control.

A great feature of the KB iSelect series is the fact you can add either Bluetooth or a Wireless iPod Dock (you can unfortunately only connect one or the other) to the system allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your iPod or iPhone. Additionally the Wireless iPod Dock has a 3.5mm input located on the rear allowing you to play any audio source to the Ceiling Speakers wirelessly.

For customers looking to fit a Ceiling Radio into smaller rooms like a bathroom for example, then KB Sound offer a 2.5” version of the iSelect, all functions are the same on the iSelect 2.5″ but the speakers are smaller in size.

Building from the iSelect range is the Select BT – which removes the need for a remote control and is also expandable in a dual-zone set-up, meaning your audio can be played in two rooms should you wish.

For customers looking for a simple FM Radio without DAB Radio Tuner or iPod Dock functions then KB Sound have a couple of options, the first is the KB Sound Basic, which as the name suggests is an entry level product. The KB Sound Basic Ceiling Radio features a slimline magnetic remote control, pair of 2” White Ceiling Speakers together with an Integrated FM Radio Tuner, this system is perfect for smaller room no larger than 2 metres by 3 metres.

If you would like a remote control with an LCD display to tell you information such as the radio station playing, audio setting, etc. and choice of speaker colours then the KB Sound Plus would be the next Ceiling Speaker System with integrated FM Radio we offer, the KB Plus also has a higher wattage output than the KB Basic.

Bedroom En Suite Bathroom situations are again well equipped to utilise the KB Select BT as discussed previously, or we have the KB Sound Premium which is available in either FM or FM / DAB Radio Tuner versions, the KB Premium is the only unit from the KB Sound range that features a fascia panel to be placed on the wall which is around the same size as a double plug socket. The KB Sound Premium features as well as the integrated radio tuner a built-in alarm clock and LCD display, which is why it’s perfect as an En Suite Ceiling Audio Solution. Of course the KB Sound Premium could be used in many other rooms, however as the fascia panel is not waterproof it is not recommended for fitting within the bathroom.

Moving forward with in-wall panels are the fantastic E Series products from Systemline – the E50 and E100.

The Systemline E50 is a simple keypad with built-in Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, both front and rear. Whilst it does not feature radio, you can always use radio apps found on your smartphone or tablet, and TV audio can be played through the system as well. The stunningly beautiful in-wall keypad finished in gloss black is touch controlled and also hand gesture controlled, meaning everything to play your audio just as you want it is all at your fingertips.

Its predecessor, the Systemline E100, as well as Bluetooth, it has FM and DAB radio included, and also features as OLED screen, but lacks having the touch-matrix to control, however a small remote control comes with the system.

All these units come bundled with Q Install Ceiling Speakers from the award-winning supplier, Q Acoustics, ensuring you get an incredible audio experience in your home.

What size of Ceiling Speaker do I need?

The size of speaker is sometimes a personal choice as you might not want to have large Ceiling Speakers within your room, however for smaller rooms around 2 metres by 3 metres we would suggest Ceiling Speakers no bigger than 2.5” as you might struggle to fit bigger Ceiling Speakers onto the ceiling without looking cluttered.

For customers with bigger rooms then really larger Ceiling Speaker should be considered like the ones found within the KB Sound iSelect 5” range, for rooms that are larger than 4 metres by 6 metres additional speakers should be added to get the best from your Ceiling Audio System, contact our experts to advise the best solutions for your needs.

What is a Two-Way Ceiling Speaker?

You many have read that some of our speakers are Two-Way Ceiling Speakers, but you might not understand what that means. The simply way to explain would be to say they have a separate Sub Woofer, just like many surround sound systems feature, to go into more detail a Two-Way Ceiling Speaker simply has two separate speaker drivers within each speaker, each of these speakers performs a different role in creating the music you hear.

One of these speaker drivers is for low frequencies (bass) to give you a rich warm sound, and then the speaker has another driver for the mid – high frequencies (treble) to ensure that you hear all the detail within the music you are listening too.

If you are looking at one our Integrated Ceiling Speaker Systems that does not have the Two-Way Ceiling Speakers they have a single speaker driver which does all frequencies, normally a Two-Way Ceiling Speakers would give you a richer sound with better separation of the sound. Contact our experts if you would like to know more about this.

Do I need an extra antenna with my Ceiling Radio System?

Although all our systems come with short wire antennas, we would recommend if you are in a poor reception area the purchase of an additional antenna to ensure the best quality reception. For DAB Ceiling Radios we always recommend the DAB Antenna Kit and we offer a bundle on these accessories, see product details for further information.

I have heard that FM Radio will be switched off, so is it worth buying a FM Radio?

There has been a lot of information publicised and articles about FM Radio reception getting switched off, most of this information is incorrect and we have separate information on the FM and DAB switch over, which can be read here: DAB Radio and the “switch-over” – some questions clarified.

0% Interest Free Credit Available Now For Purchases Over £399.97 At BuyCleverStuff

***UPDATED – 6th July 2017*** Whilst it may only be a few pence difference – if you place an order over £399.97 will be eligible for an interest free payment option through our website – meaning there are even more chances to spread payments on more products!

If you’re renovating a new house or room, we know budgets can be a little stretched and may put you off purchasing the audio or visual solution you really want – but at BuyCleverStuff, we’re here to give you a helping hand with our fantastic interest free payment options that can be tailored to you, allowing your dream space to be completed as you imagined simply by spreading the cost.

When you place an order for over £399.97, we have a range of interest free payment options available. You can choose how much you wish to pay upfront (between 10-50% of the total order value), and then the length of time in which you would like to settle the remaining balance.

That means you could buy a Sonos CONNECT:AMP or Systemline E100 Bluetooth Amplifier with any pairing of Q Acoustics Q Install Ceiling Speakers TODAY, pay just a 10% deposit, and with small monthly payments over the course of either six or twelve months, you can enjoy an incredible audio experience without the worry of one large purchase!

E100 Bluetooth/FM/DAB+ Amplifier & Ceiling Speakers – Available With Interest Free Credit
Sonos CONNECT:AMP with Q Acoustics Ceiling Speakers – Buy Now Pay Later

Not forgetting our free Next Working Day Delivery for Mainland UK Customers, with this useful Interest Free Credit option, we’re making purchasing your perfect solution as hassle-free as possible.

Simply click the Interest Free Credit option at the end of the checkout process and during office hours, (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) we’ll email you the application form from our partner Omni Capital Retail Finance Ltd. This option is available to UK Mainland Customers only, and unfortunately not available to Northern Ireland or Crown Dependency customers.

Interest Free Credit Example
Finance – 0% APR Typical
Cash Price £599.97 less £60.00 deposit (10% minimum)
Loan amount £539.97 repayable over : 12 Months at £44.99 – Total repayable – £599.97

Written quotations available upon request. Finance subject to status and only available to persons aged 18 and over. Finance provided by Omni Capital Retail Finance Ltd, Co Reg 7232938.

Get Sonos In Your Home – With Even More Ceiling Speaker Bundles

Having a multi-room audio system planned and installed is now cheaper and easier than ever with the Sonos CONNECT:AMP with Q Acoustics Ceiling Speakers available to buy from BuyCleverStuff.

Q Acoustics – who have won numerous audio awards from What Hi-Fi? in recent years – are committed to developing the best affordable loudspeakers out there on the market, and at BuyCleverStuff, we’re just as committed to getting the right systems for you at the right price.

We’re offering their range of ceiling speakers bundled with the Sonos CONNECT:AMP so that you can enjoy a fantastic audio experience at a price that suits your budget.

Ceiling speakers are easy to install, and as Sonos do not specifically offer their own Sonos Ceiling Speakers, our bundles are a great option when wanting audio in your home, and with the latest design and technology packed into Q Acoustics standard and higher performance speakers, which will more than handle the power of the Sonos CONNECT:AMP, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Performance (CP) range uses advanced ‘Nano particle’ technology in the material of the cone found inside of the speaker, helping reduce distortion and provide a superior audio experience.

Depending upon the layout and size of your room, you can use either one or two pairs of speakers (or one or two stereo speakers) in that “zone”, and you’ll find that with our Sonos CONNECT:AMP bundles that you’ll have all you need to install your brand new home sound system with ease.

Simply connect your selected Q Acoustics speakers into the rear of the Sonos CONNECT:AMP, choose to hide it away or have it on show, connect to your home WiFi network using the free Sonos Controller App on your mobile phone or tablet and within a touch of a few buttons, you’ll be ready to play music in your desired room and even throughout your home if used in a multi-room set-up. You can add further Sonos components easily via the App as well at a later date if you choose to your Sonos Ceiling Speakers set-up.

The Sonos CONNECT:AMP is known for being small and mighty, and in this bundle will drive you Q Acoustics ceiling speakers with an awesome 55W of power per channel, whilst being energy efficient and operating silently as it’s kept cool in its aluminium casing – not a noisy fan, so you can fully enjoy incredible audio.

Via the Sonos Controller App, you can adjust the sound performance specific to each room should you wish, such as bass, treble, balance and loudness. Volume can also be altered individually or for a group of rooms.

You are able to stream music stored on your portable device, streamed from a wide range of services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Radio by TuneIn, SiriusXM, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Rdio, Qobuz, TIDAL, from your computer or using the analogue audio input for external audio sources.

What’s more, Sonos will always keep you up to date when you need to update the CONNECT:AMP software, and with the touch of one button on the CONNECT:AMP, it will do this for you, so you can be sure of getting the best out of your system as possible.

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Introducing: iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini

Introducing the iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini – integrate one of the most well-known brands of tablets on the planet, the Apple iPad, into your home to create an audio visual system like no other.

At BuyCleverStuff, the iStone In Wall Amplifier Mount for iPad Mini is bundled with 6.5” Q Install Ceiling Speakers from Q Acoustics, to give you the perfect solution in one to add the simplicity of an iPad Mini into your home through a complete audio visual set-up.

The iPad Mini is held in place securely with two brackets, which is then finished with the magnetic White iStone fascia surround, which consists of 75% mineral stone and 25% acrylic, to give a superior clean look and feel of stone to complement your stylish iPad Mini within.

What you find included in the heart of this great product is a 20 Watts per channel stereo amplifier – low noise, low distortion and high efficiency design, combined with the Qi65CB Ceiling Speakers, meaning you are delivered outstanding sound quality.

The intelligent audio sensor within the amplifier means it will switch on and off if audio or video is instructed to play. By doing this, when in standby it means the amplifier consumes less than 0.5 watts.

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Playing your music libraries has really never been easier with the iStone.

If you already have an iPad Mini that you want to embed into the iStone, and also own another Apple device such as an iPhone that features remote applications to control your iTunes library or Apple Music, having the ability to access all your music content at your fingertips in more ways than one is now here.

Other stored or streamed content can be played and brought to the next level with the iStone In Wall Amplifier Wall Mount for iPad Mini – internet radio apps, BBC iPlayer Radio, as well as music on demand services from the likes of Spotify and Deezer are also able to be played through your iPad.

Not only can it be used as an audio system in your home, but is a fantastic alternative to a Kitchen TV with the ability to stream video from your iTunes library, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, NOW TV, and many other content platforms; giving you a full entertainment solution in one.

With a world of possibilities that can be tapped into thanks to the sheer number of home automation apps within Apple App Store, this iStone In Wall iPad Mini Wall Mount Amplifier can go beyond music and video.

If you have other home living apps installed on your iPad Mini, such as for your heating, lighting or CCTV controls, it’s a wonderful solution to have your iPad Mini installed in this way, creating a central point in your home to control everything around you whilst looking fantastic embedded in your wall.