Top 5 England Songs You Need For The World Cup

Audio is what we do – and being swept up in World Cup fever, we’re singing out most days in the office some cracking football songs as England go into this weekend’s quarter-final with Sweden.

With that in mind, we decided to run down the top 5 England songs we think you need to download or stream this weekend.

5. We’re On The Ball

OK, so perhaps the name of this track didn’t really help us out in 2002 as we headed to Japan and South Korea. After England trounced Germany 5-1 and David Beckham saved the nation with quite possibly the most important free kick he ever scored; David Seaman wasn’t quite “on the ball” as Ronaldinho lobbed him from distance when England were knocked out by Brazil.

Memorable lyric: Some would say “We’re on the ball. We’re on the ball. We’re on the ball” was memorable. We say “It’s Neville to Campbell. Campbell to Rio. Rio to Scholesy. Scholesy-Gerrard. Gerrard to Beckham. Beckham to Heskey. Heskey to Owen to nod. 5-1!” was the standout from this.

4. Back Home

Just four years on from our glorious – and only defining – moment in any major international tournament, Bobby and the boys got in the studio to belt out this corker in 1970 for the World Cup in Mexico. It was the year Gordon Banks made his incredible save from what seemed a certain Pele goal, although was later beaten by Jairzinho. Unfortunately, West Germany got their revenge from 1966 later in the competition, and duly sent us back home in the quarter-finals after a 3-2 defeat.

Memorable lyric: “We’ll fight until the whistle goes. For the folks back home” – brings a tear to the eye still.

3. Vindaloo

One of the great England anthems. Football, beer and a nice Ruby Murray at the end of the night. Vindaloo had no right to ever be a football song, written by Keith Allen, but it did and we’re thankful for it. The closest World Cup to be held to England since 1966, we took over the English Channel and headed over to France. 18-year-old Michael Owen (who went to school up the road from the BuyCleverStuff offices!) produced one of England’s most incredible goals, before David Beckham got himself sent off, and we got sent home on penalties by Argentina.

Memorable lyric: “Nah nah nah (Vindaloo). Nah nah nah (Vindaloo). And we all like Vindaloo. We’re England. We’re gonna score one more than you!” – well unless we get to penalties and then everyone else always seems to come out on top (sorry, not sorry to Colombia…)

2. World In Motion

1990, Bobby Robson as our manager, Bryan Robson as our captain, Gary Lineker on fire, Paul Gascoigne a star being born; we were ready for Italia ’90 and so were New Order with probably what at one stage was the best England song we had produced. It was also the year we produced our best performance in a World Cup since 1966, until Stuart Pearce had his saved and Chris Waddle missing. West Germany again. But it won’t be in 2018…

Memorable lyric: Not going to write this out, but without a shadow of a doubt it was the rap performed by John Barnes. Rob in the office knows it off by heart. (However Rob also appeared on Don’t Forget The Lyrics so we’d be disappointed if he didn’t know the words…)

1. Three Lions

Quite simply the greatest song ever written to be sung on the terraces. Cast your minds back to 1996, Euro 1996 to be precise. We’d won nothing for years and we needed something to inspire the boys to victory. Comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner were tasked with putting lyrics to the music from Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds – they did and the rest is history. We got knocked out (again) by Germany on (again) penalties. Gareth Southgate the unfortunate one who couldn’t walk down the street for weeks and months without being tormented over his spot-kick miss.

However in 2018, we’ve got past penalties with Southgate in charge – will we be hearing Three Lions bellowed at the top of our lungs come the actual World Cup final? We’ll see…

Memorable lyric: “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming. Football’s coming home.” Yes, yes it is.

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Come On England!

Watch the World Cup in Ultra HD on the BBC

BBC to broadcast the World Cup in Ultra HD

The World Cup for the first time ever will be broadcast on the BBC in Ultra HD – but only to a select number of viewers, the broadcaster has announced.

It will also incorporate virtual reality viewing, but both options are as part of trials to see how ready the BBC, and the industry in general, is to experience such pin-sharp content over the country’s current Internet network.

Other broadcasters, such as Sky and BT Sport, already offer 4K UHD content openly, but this is the first time a terrestrial channel will offer this method of viewing.

There are, of course, a few prerequisites needed before you can watch this summer in 4K Ultra HD.

  1. High speed internet connection – recommended to be of a speed of at least 40 megabit per second (Mbit/s)
  2. Compatible smart TV available – the biggest push this summer is for modern 4K UHD screens, and are becoming widely available
  3. BBC iPlayer – most smart TVs do have the service built in to their functionality, but you will want to register an account or be signed in ready

We say be signed in and ready because the Ultra HD coverage on BBC iPlayer starts once the BBC One coverage begins – and only “tens of thousands of people” will be able to access it, and there has been no definitive number given.

History of the World Cup on TV

It is a definite step forward for television viewing in the UK as the BBC’s Chief Technology & Product Officer, Matthew Postgate, says: “The BBC has brought major live broadcasting breakthroughs to UK audiences throughout the history of the World Cup.

“From the very first tournament on TV in 1954 and England’s finest hour in 1966, to the first colour World Cup in 1970 and full HD in 2006. Now, with these trials we’re giving audiences yet another taste of the future.”

Get ready for the kick off at BuyCleverStuff

We know here at BuyCleverStuff that viewing parties will be happening all over the country, and with the fantastic weather we’ve had, why not consider installing two brilliant additions for your 4K UHD screens outdoors?

The TV Shield is a perfect waterproof enclosure which is also fully lockable and effective against vandals – great for gardens at home, outdoor areas in pubs and clubs as well as other events for large crowds.

TV Shield - the Waterproof Enclosure you need for your TV screens this summer

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Systemline E50 with Qi65EW On Wall Speakers

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So get Ultra HD ready for this year’s World Cup with TV Shield and Systemline!


RAJAR Q1 2018 Figures - Digital radio overtakes FM and AM

RAJAR Q1 2018: UK digital radio overtakes FM and AM

The latest RAJAR figures report that digital radio listening in the UK has again seen a rise for the first quarter of 2018 – overtaking for the first time listening via FM and AM services.

According to RAJAR (the Radio Joint Audience Research), the share of all radio listening via a digital platform now stands at 50.9% – up 8% year on year.

Digital platforms account for anything from DAB radios, online (through computers, or apps on mobiles and tablets), and also through digital TV.

Does this mean a digital switchover?

Without doubt, it casts further examination on whether the decision will be made by the UK government to have a complete digital radio switchover in the coming years.

In March 2018, the BBC director of radio and music, Bob Shennan, made clear his desire that FM radio still serves a purpose, and that it was too soon to make a complete switchover.

Speaking at the Radiodays Europe conference in Vienna, Shennan said: “Great progress has been made but switchover now would be premature,”

“For now we believe audiences are best served by a mixed economy,” he went on to say, indicating a stance that all platforms still have their place for the time being.

These latest figures could put huge pressure on the UK Government, as it hits the target set out by the Digital Economy Act 2010 to seriously consider the switchover.

Norway last year became the first country in Europe to switch off their FM transmitters to go completely digital (however – there are still a handful of fiercely protected FM signals being broadcast locally).

With Brexit on the horizon, and many government departments looking to countries who maintain relationships with the EU without being full members, such as Norway, could the UK follow suit? Perhaps, but despite the increase in the RAJAR figures, not everyone can get a decent DAB reception right now.

Terrible DAB signal? What you could do

If the Government does choose to go for a digital radio switchover, additional DAB transmitters would need to commissioned to fill the gaps in DAB multiplex coverage across the country.

Local smaller-scale DAB multiplexes, which are simplified, lower-coverage could also local radio coverage in those areas not covered by a commercial local DAB multiplex.

Some stations currently are not clear enough to pick up in certain areas, but Sound Digital Limited, who run some of the lesser known commercial DAB stations are rolling out another 19 DAB transmitters by the end of the year.

I live in an area where it says I can get DAB – but it’s still rubbish?

In urban areas, when DAB signal fails it may be because of the building you live in, its construction or being in an exceedingly built up area. It’s getting better to get around these factors, but you might still struggle.

Another option then, especially if the above sounds like your situation, is to plump for an Internet radio – so long as your broadband is of a relatively decent speed.

You might be happy to have what you’re listening to via your mobile, tablet, PC or TV, however there’s more than meets the eye with Internet radio.

Want to know more about Internet radios? We’ve got the full rundown right here.

BuyCleverStuff - a Lithe Audio Pro Partner

Lithe Audio Pro Partner Status Awarded To BuyCleverStuff

It’s official, BuyCleverStuff is now officially one of the first new certified experts to be named as a Lithe Audio Pro Partner.

We know just how popular Lithe Audio products are across homes in the United Kingdom, and our customers keep coming back for more.

Which is why, we are proud to bear their Pro Partner – Certified Product Experts logo on ALL of the product range on our website.

There’s a few great reasons why we have received this highest level of recommendation:


We’re one of the biggest retailers in the United Kingdom when it comes down to Lithe Audio.

We have sold their products in droves since its first product release, the award-winning Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker, back in June 2016.


Exactly this.

We hold a consistent amount of stock to keep all of our customers happy with free and fast next working day UK delivery. No questions, straight to your door. This means you could order before 3pm, and have everything installed before next midday if all is quick enough!


We offer a completely free renaming service for Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker set-ups.

What does that mean? You can have a completely unique and identifiable name for each speaker in your home if you wish.

Want to make them compatible for use with home automation products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home devices? We can do that too!

The incredible team over at Lithe Audio also knows just how good our product knowledge is (we were on hand looking at the very first prototypes!)

We have an annual MOT about the products too so we can give you all the advice you need!

So what does that means for you as a customer?

Simply put – because we’re a Pro Partner – our customers get things they won’t get anywhere else when it comes to Lithe Audio!

Exclusive extended 3 year warranty

Incredible exclusive seasonal offers

Dedicated technical support that you can trust

Top 5 Benefits of Internet Radio

Whether it’s just to wake you up to in the morning, or a need to find out about the latest traffic and travel as you leave to go to work, or to listen to news, sport or debate; radio is a big deal – and Internet radio is the next bigger step.

Most people know about AM/MW, FM and DAB radio nowadays – but with Internet radio, it’s not such a common thing to have – but has massive advantages.

It’s been around since the early 1990s, but only now are people understanding the benefits of it due to super-fast broadband connections.

Here we’ve got the top five benefits that Internet Radio gives you over bog standard ways of listening.

Radio – and lots of it

We cannot stress enough about just how much radio you can choose from with an Internet radio compared to standard old school AM/MW, FM and even DAB.

The Vatican City even has stations you can listen to! Almost every country in the world is available with a station to tune in to, so the chances are you won’t be missing out!

Perfect if you’re in a poor signal area

Not all areas are great for radio signal in the UK, and admittedly broadband connections in some areas are still a little bit problematic – but in some areas it may be there are no relatively close main FM or DAB transmitters or even a relay transmitter.

With some kind of connection to the Internet however, you can take advantage of getting the same stations and more without worry of poor signal strength (remember if your broadband is a slow download speed, this may have some effect in regard to buffering).

No need for an aerial / antenna

This ties in with previously to a degree.

No-one really likes having an aerial or antenna to deal with.

We’ve got radios at BuyCleverStuff which are a simple wire antenna cable that often is pinned to a wall with tape or sticky tack, or a telescopic aerial which you can never understand how it can extend that long but needs to be sometimes in the most exact position to find a signal!

With Internet radio – there’s none of that problem. Connect to your WiFi or if the device allows – plug in from your router. That’s it! No messy wires or walking around aimlessly trying to pick up a station!

Updates automatically

It’s rare to find it the case with FM stations, but you often need to return DAB radios every so often because of there being more stations added to the broadcasting network.

Whilst it’s great to have even more stations than ever, updates can happen sometimes without any prior notice (there are usually big national campaigns for major updates but not so much for regional updates).

Internet radio doesn’t suffer the same fate – no specific signal or frequency to correspond to – no need to grab the manual and decipher where the retune button is…

Fewer advertisements

Now we say this cautiously – but for the most part, there are few advertisements on Internet radio.

All stations need to generate income to broadcast in some way, Internet radio stations require it but FM and DAB commercial stations need a heck of a lot more to pay for their licence, the multitude of staff, premises and other bits and pieces that help run stations.

However Internet radio is a lot less needy in that sense – costs for stations are usually very low for those that are a little bit more unique and community orientated, plus many Internet radio stations play royalty-free songs by artists that may not be global stars, so you’ll find this cost cutting measure gets you less ads!

Just be careful however – Ofcom in the UK cannot apply rules for product placement and endorsement by stations and presenters of Internet radio in the same way as FM or DAB which may irritate you if your favourite presenter or station likes something you really don’t!

Check out our entire range of Internet radios at BuyCleverStuff right here.

Which? Rates BuyCleverStuff Delivery Service As One Of Best

It’s been revealed that our long-standing courier service from UK Mail has come out as one of the top delivery services in the UK according to Which?.

Getting deliveries of the items you buy from BuyCleverStuff is a key part of your shopping experience with us.

Next Working Day Delivery

At BuyCleverStuff, we’re proud to include, as standard, a free next working day delivery service with all orders to a vast majority of customers who are Mainland UK residents, using UK Mail.

Based on couriers across the country, with a minimal sample of 30 items to be included on the list, UK Mail has a highly commendable 88% satisfaction score putting them second in the list – AHEAD of Amazon’s own couriers using their Prime service!

Delivery companies as rated by Which? in 2017
Delivery company Satisfaction score
1 City Sprint (73) 92%
2 UK Mail (131) 88%
3 Amazon Logistics (500) 87%
4 Private courier/local independent company (359) 86%
5 Parcelforce (311) 84%
= Royal Mail (regular post) (1,980) 84%
7 Hermes/My Hermes (1,252) 83%
= Royal Mail (signed for post) (852) 83%
9 DHL (401) 82%
= Fedex (189) 82%
11 UPS (76) 81%
12 DPD (655) 80%
= Yodel (483) 80%

(Sample sizes are in brackets.)

With scores like that – no wonder we have so much confidence in getting your products to you – fast and with great reliability!

Great Delivery Services

Our hyper-local courier with works alongside UK Mail, is also able to help us source fantastic prices for specific morning, afternoon and Saturday deliveries – as well as international shipments!

We’re also looking soon to establish even faster services within the local Chester, Wirral, Merseyside and North East Wales regions surrounding BuyCleverStuff headquarters so watch this space for news of that!

Sometimes there are occasions where, because of size/weight/cost of the item in question, we will use Royal Mail or Parcelforce but rest assured, we track and have every item covered for its delivery to you.

For those customer who might be excluded from our standard free next day delivery services – take a look here at our full breakdown of postcodes exceptions and for those average prices abroad.

(Please note: Delivery charges fluctuate depending on size/weight/value of the item in question – the link above shows an average cost of delivery representative of a 5kg box – all orders will correctly work out your final delivery cost depending on your location and also if you choose a specified time delivery)

Systemline Elite Partner

BuyCleverStuff becomes official Systemline Elite Partner

BuyCleverStuff are proud to announce that it is now an official Systemline Elite Partner for 2018 and beyond.

This means customers will receive even more exclusive benefits when they purchase any Systemline product from BuyCleverStuff online.

Only trusted suppliers and partners are given this “Elite Partner” status, so always consider buying Systemline direct from us first before going anywhere else online.


Systemline, as standard, offer a two-year warranty on their branded goods. However, any Systemline purchase via BuyCleverStuff made from Thursday 1st March 2018 entitles customers to an extra 12 month warranty without registration!

As a Systemline “Elite Partner”, we can offer Systemline packages exclusive to us that standard sellers, both online and in shops, do not have.

BuyCleverStuff - Systemline Elite Partner
Official Systemline Elite Partner – BuyCleverStuff

Some standard sellers may claim they sell these packages but not with our exclusive warranty terms – and certainly will not provide the outstanding Five-Star support that BuyCleverStuff has for over a decade been renowned for!

With the superb Systemline E50 and Systemline E100 bundled together perfectly with ceiling speakers, we’re sure at BuyCleverStuff we will have the right home audio solution for you.

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Official Audio Supplier to Woodford United FC

BuyCleverStuff becomes Official Audio Supplier to Woodford United FC

BuyCleverStuff is proud to announce that we are now the official Audio Supplier to Northamptonshire non-League side, Woodford United FC.

Woodford United FC, whose Men’s First Team play their football in the Northamptonshire Combination Football League Premier Division, were on the lookout for an audio system to integrate in their main clubhouse, which was being renovated over the off-season, for use before and after games as well as for functions and other events.

When they contacted BuyCleverStuff, and the conversation turned to where and for what purpose the system was being used, it was by chance that BuyCleverStuff’s Marketing Manager, and former sports journalist, Rob Jeffries, was on the call.

“After speaking with Dean Haynes from Woodford United FC, and with my significant level of interest in sport, particularly grassroots sport, I was keen to take the time to talk with Dean about what their needs were and also a lot more about the club,” Rob said.


“Whilst on the call, I took a look online at the history of the club, and also took on board the words of Dean and how the club wishes to progress over the next few years – and that’s when we decided to see if we could make our first real partnership with a sports team here at BuyCleverStuff, and as the Official Audio Supplier, it is a significant step for us.

“We cater to every possible scenario for Home Audio Visual solutions – whether that is for homes, businesses, or other similar organisations.

“Grassroots football, and clubs that are at the heart of the community, as Woodford United FC are, are vital to support, and there is the constant need for locals to support their sides in every way that they can, whatever team it is.

“Whether that is going to the games on Saturday afternoons as a spectator, volunteering behind the scenes with kit washing and social media, someone to make the utterly important halftime tea and coffee; anything to help is what this level of football, and the knock-on effect for local areas, needs.”

Proud Supplier to Woodford United FC
Official Audio Supplier to Woodford United FC

Systemline E50

The agreement as Official Audio Supplier saw BuyCleverStuff advise and provide Woodford United FC’s clubhouse with a brand new Systemline E50 with Two Pairs of 6.5″ PLM3 Ceiling Speakers.

It is perfect for use in such an area where fans will be able to be entertained pre and post-match, that connect either to Woodford United FC’s own music via Bluetooth or play through whatever is featured on their big screens using the ports on the rear of the Systemline E50.

The PLM3 Ceiling Speakers are also IP-rated so when the champagne flows for league and cup wins, the speakers need not to worry!

Rob went on to say: “BuyCleverStuff are extremely proud to support Woodford United FC and are more than happy to help the club in this way with our advice and products.

“To provide a system such as this which we know will be ideal to play the perfect celebration playlists after Woodford United FC victories – we’re honoured that Woodford United FC came to us and that we could work with the club in this way.

“Rest assured, as Official Audio Supplier, we are on hand for anyone connected to Woodford United FC, and beyond, with any future projects we can help with.”

At BuyCleverStuff, we wish all the very best to Woodford United FC for the remainder of this Men’s season, as well as the promising Women’s side who are growing their supporter base rapidly – we look forward to seeing the whole club’s progress over the next few years.

Proud Supplier to Woodford United FC
Pride of place in the list of Woodford United FC partnerships

Alarm Clock Radio Review at BuyCleverStuff

Best Alarm Clock Radios To Make Your Morning – soundmaster

It’s it quite possible that we in the BuyCleverStuff office could be true morning people – if morning began at sometime roughly midday or later.

Thankfully, we get by in the morning due to the fact we all have shiny amazing alarm clock radios from soundmaster, a number of which are featured in our Facebook video from last week.

If you’re on the look out for a brand new alarm clock radio or think it may be a great idea for Christmas, have a glance at the video below and liking and sharing it on Facebook, you could even win a brand new soundmaster UR800 FM Alarm Clock Radio & Qi Wireless Charging Station worth nearly £40:

Apple iPhone X – What To Expect From The Apple Keynote

It’s the second week of September and for pretty much everyone interested in tech, even if they don’t like Apple products, it’s time for the Apple Keynote and the impending release of new products.

Expect iPhones, except iPads, expect Apple TV, expect Apple Watch – except everything, but do not assume it will happen. However, in the days building up to launch, we’ve seen plenty of leaks.

Whether you use Apple products or not, it’s difficult to get away from the event over in America. The first thing to note is that this Keynote is taking place in Apple’s brand new Steve Jobs Theater in Los Angeles. Nice touch if we’re honest.

What To Expect

So to the products in question – it seems from 9to5Mac’s report and Twitter users, that there will be THREE iPhones released. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as an ‘anniversary’ product to celebrate over a decade of the iPhone, with the iPhone X.

Now this information comes from coding that has been leaked over the weekend leading up to the keynote, and we can see all three of these names mentioned. It’s not a surprise really, but it’s what else that was made almost public. Face ID, animated emojis (face recognition will also convert the face you pull into the emoji you intend!) and new wallpapers. Nothing special we would say.

However tell that to this guy…Mazen Kourouche. The first in line in Sydney, queuing up since Monday 11th September. Commitment.

He clearly loves his Apple products, and is pretty excited – but we’d be really excited for, and think is long overdue, is wireless charging with these devices. Samsung is already there and has been for a while.

A radical overhaul for the iPhone – which we think may include a full OLED screen with no bezel – needs to have what we’re desperate for – wireless charging!

Wireless Charging

The tech is here, the people demand it, and it’s all around you. Wireless charging in coffee shops, bars and restaurants, at airports – it is everywhere. Just not in an iPhone. Yet. We hope.

With Qi Charging, which is the standard almost around the world, we’d be surprised if Apple decides to go down a similar route as it did with the original Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch uses a tweaked version of Qi meaning it cannot be used with a standard Qi charger – and it may decide to do that once more to cash in with its own chargers and licences for their tech to third-parties. However, if it wants to join in the party, the hope is Apple decide instead to go with the global standard.

If it does, then why not check out the soundmaster UR411SI Bluetooth FM / DAB Clock Radio with Wireless Qi Charging. It’s an incredible looking unit and will solve all your needs to charge and then play audio at the same time via Bluetooth.

The UR411SI is perfect for bedside tables or study spaces, and if – just if – Apple do not release their own charger, it could be a wonderful addition in your home with your brand new Apple iPhone.

Don’t forget if your mobile already allows for wireless charging through Qi technology, then why not get one today!

Simply click on the image of the UR411SI, or the links in this article and order NOW online at BuyCleverStuff.