Vinyl Popularity Growing Thanks To Music Streaming Boost

Have you streamed music recently through sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud or even YouTube? According to a recent survey by ICM Unlimited, the chances are that you’ve then gone and bought it on vinyl, as sales of the format look set to increase for the tenth year in a row.

According to the survey, shared with the BBC, almost half of people who have bought vinyl copies of songs and albums have done so after having listened to it online via streaming.

There seems to be a number of varied reasons as to why vinyl sales are on the up, with music fans wanting to have something physical to hold, the belief that they are helping support artists better financially compared to the deals hammered out with streaming sites, and also strangely pure from an aesthetic basis to have on shelves at home.

In recent weeks, Sainsbury’s has introduced sales of vinyl in their supermarkets for shoppers to put in their trolleys, and with the upcoming Record Store Day this weekend, vinyl is booming again.

However, you may find it might not necessarily be booming in homes – out of all those who buy vinyl, 41% have a turntable yet never use it and an incredible 7% do not even own a turntable to play it on!

At BuyCleverStuff we’re here to help solve that problem with our range of home audio solutions that combine both past and present to give you the perfect way to play your music.

Our SoundMaster range includes vinyl record players (some even with cassette players – for those who may still have recordings of the Top 40 on C60 somewhere in that bottom drawer), simple FM / DAB radio receivers that can be fitted around the home, whether it is lounge, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and also products that allow for Bluetooth connectivity or direct internet radio – giving you every option when it comes to listening to audio.

With BuyCleverStuff being the exclusive UK distributor of these fantastic high quality German manufactured audio products, we want you to experience great sound quality throughout the home and until Tuesday 31st May 2016, we’re offering the brilliant BT550 Bluetooth Bathroom Shower Speaker at half price with any SoundMaster purchase.


How To Retune DAB Radios For New Stations

You may find at times that new stations launch or that digital radio line-ups move around as a result of essential work to the DAB network, meaning you will need to retune your digital radio to carry on receiving your favourite stations.

In late February / early March 2016, new stations were made available on the UK’s second national DAB digital radio multiplex, meaning yet more choice for UK listeners of music, debate and other types of radio broadcast.

Due to this, retuning of your DAB radio may now be necessary, but we’ve got a very simple guide below as to how to retune if you’re not sure already.

Retune instructions

If you purchased from BuyCleverStuff in the past, you may already have your radio system’s instructional manual, which will include all help to retune. If you think you have misplaced it, why not click for our full range of manuals and select the correct one for you.

Please be aware that you may lose preset stations that have been saved in your radio, so refer again to your manual on how to save these if they are lost.

Most digital radios can be re-tuned using the following simple instructions:

Identify the Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button on your digital radio if you have one


If there is no Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button, press the Menu button and go through the options until you find Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan. Select this option.

If none of the above actions work, then you should consult the product handbook or speak to your radio manufacturer directly. If BuyCleverStuff sell any products of the brand of radio you may have, we may be able to help, but if not, search for the manufacturer’s customer support website where you may find more help.

New UK DAB stations on the new National Multiplex

Below is a list of brand new stations made available on the new national DAB multiplex, the names that will appear on your DAB radio screen when they are found, and also what type of station they are. Use our DAB coverage checker if you’re not sure of what new stations you should be getting in your area.

If you haven’t got DAB radio at the moment, then why not visit BuyCleverStuff to find the perfect DAB radio for you!

talkRADIO News and current affairs
talkSPORT2 Live sports and sports talk
Virgin Radio Rock and pop music
Share Radio Business and finance programmes
Mellow Magic Relaxing and melodic music
Magic Chilled A second sister channel from one of the UK’s most popular music stations
Absolute 80s 80s music
Kisstory ‘Old skool’ dance tunes and anthems
Heat Pop music, celebrity gossip and entertainment
Planet Rock Classic rock music
Sunrise Radio Asian music and speech programmes
Awesome Radio New British Muslim lifestyle, music and speech station
UCB 2 Christian music
Premier Christian Radio Christian music and speech
Premier Praise A brand new station from one of the UK’s leading Christian broadcasting groups
Panjab Radio Delivering extra choice for British Sikhs and Panjabi speakers
Fun Kids (DAB+) National children’s radio station
Jazz FM (DAB+) Jazz music

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